December 23rd, 2004

just a thought or two...

so tonight i was laying on the couch watching tv and i thought about running my fingers over my potentially fuzzy head. i've just been thinking about how neat a shaved head would feel. i've also been thinking about how cold it is outside. i'd have to wear a hat all the time. the change in the weather has made my scalp really dry to the point where sometimes i scratch it and it bleeds (yes, ew. we've all been there). i'm growing so much as a person right now...and i fear that soon it'll be time to cleanse the past and shed my locks...maybe in spring when it gets a little warmer. i don't really expect a lot of "yeah, do it!" reactions from this community but i just thought i'd share my thoughts. i love playing with the bangs i have now and honestly i had really soft hair pre-locks. i'm thinking it would be nice to have that back...but first, it would be nice to not have to deal with hair at all.

if i were to shave my head, that wouldn't necessarily mean the end of locks for me forever. next time though, i'll probably go completely natural. maybe that's part of my problem.

now i'm rambling. i'll stop.

happy holidays everyone :D

(no subject)

i just gave my hair the best washing of their little dreadie lives.

going on three months. pictures soon.

i never post because i never have pictures. i was just so proud of my hair washing today. i had to share.

goodnight all.