December 24th, 2004

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This is my website.

Although I've had it since September, I've still got lots to do and so much stuff to add. I'd love some feedback, as well as anything you'd like to submit. I greatly appreciate any music, art, or writing. Anything artistic is embraced!!


Hello you dreaded lovelies!
I am going to wash them today, for the first time. I've had them for about 2 1/2 weeks and it's all getting pretty itchy.
Any tips for washing them, I'm using knotty boy soap. I'm pretty nervous, some of them have gone a bit flat, so I've been palmrolling like a mad person but a friend of mine said when he washed his they went really flat. **biting nails**
So, help please!
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Hey all - I need some help from you guys.

I'm doing a painting with Adobe photoshop, and I want this girl to have dreads, in some sort of ponytail or bun or something. Problem is, I want to paint them properly, which means I need a reference picture to look at while I paint. I tried Googling it, but can't find a good photo to use.

Do any of you have a picture of your dreads with your head at this angle? It would be a huge help.