December 28th, 2004

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hi :) i am rel, from melbourne australia. i joined dreadlust and then found this place, so thought i would introduce myself. i've had my dreads for about 4 months now and i love them.

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i must say, i love this community and i hope everyone had a good holdiday and all that jazz. it's been about 4 or 5 days since i've decided that my second set of dreads will be done naturally. the first set were done by a dear friend of mine. they were back-combed and i over-waxed/over-dyed/under-washed them, and wore a tam all the time. i got rid of them for a few reasons. some personal and some aesthetic. i'm looking for a little advice to follow on the natural road of dreadie goodness. the hair on the sides and back of my head is thick, curly and about two inches long. the hair on the top of my head is a whole other story. it's pretty much non-existant. there's some there, but i'm pretty sure it will take FOREVER to dread. is there anything i can do to speed up the natural process? or should i just let my hair do its thing?

i'll admit, my first set of dreads were done because of aesthetic reasons, but after a few months of having them it turned into so much more. that's why i've decided to get them a second time. and naturally at that. this 22 year old has gone through a lot and has finally accepted that change will happen and it's easier to let things happen than try to stop things from happening or to force things to happen.

- derke -
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i've been lurking here for a little while admiring everyone's absolutly gorgeous dreads.
mine are just about 4 months old. they've been done mostly naturally, washed once, i used wax in the begining but my hair was very stubborn and the wax seemed to do nothing so i gave up on it. toothpaste actually works wonders. i just recently tied up the ends in rubber bands and i'm suprised at how quickly the ends have started to really come together. just lots of handrolling and playing around with them. major itchies though :(

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hey. i just joined. i wore dreads for nearly five years, until late 2001 when i shaved them off (it was just time for me to have short hair for a while). there are a couple photos of that set Collapse )

it's been a few years, & i'd recently been wanting my locks back. i was cleared by my boss to regrow them (the saga, for anyone interested: link 1, link 2, link 3) & i am back in love with my hair. i started from a mohawk this time around & i'm definitely digging on the dreadhawk.

there's a one week old fuzzy locks pic Collapse ) i spent the entire weekend immediately post-permission bleaching & backcombing & waxing (knottyboy's mix is pretty helpful for the first few months, after that it isn't necessary), & having five years of experience under my belt was obviously helpful. no one else works on my hair. this set already looks better than my first set after a year - there was barely anything on the internet about starting locks when i first began in 1997.

anyhow, there are other pics of me on my site for those who want to gape.

golly, i've missed this.