January 1st, 2005

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well..happy new year you all. these are my pictures.sorry there is no fireworks involved, I'm scared of fireworks:p
and i'm alone, very alone. I regret that but this just wasn't my year except for the dread-taking decision.
please drink another glass of champagne for me ;)
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This year I sat in this room and watched Law & Order, the last 12 seconds of that big ball fall, and the fireworks outside my window. Took a few pictures for the sake of you people. Collapse )

I hope you all put down more booze than I did. Love yas.
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new year fun

Happy new year my dready chums!

Please find, under the cut, picture of my wonderful, British, new year's celebrations. It's posted so early, because I have drunk far too much to be able to sleep without being seriously ill! Woohoo!!!!!!

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On the theme of NYE dreads..

After midnight and several cups of spiked punch, my dreads and I lay down to rest.

The straight, tidy locks that are dreaded all the way to points at the tips are, of course, synthetic additions. The fuzzy locks are my real hair!

Looking at them in photos made me think twice about cutting my hair short & straight for the new year. Maybe dreads are "me" after all.

Best wishes for a happy 2005 to all!

(if this is too much i will delete it just let me know)

natural and free bringin in the new year ;)
hope everyone had a safe and lovely new years!
and a safe and lovely year to come.

the back hasnt been brushed in almost 2 months and only washed once (i get it wet sometimes though). i have quite a few lovely clumps forming and i wrapped 2 of the REALLY "hi im sucking everything in" BIG sections ^_^ i am keeping the front "normal" so i have something to play with.

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    my grandma singing "meet the flinstones" haha ^_^ <3
new pic

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Some questions:

To cut or not cut dreads? I've had mine for nearly 2 years and the last 3 or so inches are just so frizzy and mostly un-dreaded I'm thinking of trimming them off. Experiences with doing so? Its nicely dreaded from near the roots to about halfway down them, but these ends are frustrating me.

I've never had dandruff before but I've noticed just a bit in just the front dreads. Anyone else noticed this, and if so what do you do about it?

Thanks all :)

happy new year!

i havent posted in a long time, im sorry i dont have any pictures but they will come eventually

i got a big scarf thing for the holidays and i wanted to know how to wrap my dreads in them. a long time ago someone had asked the same question and there was a link to a webpage...but i lost it...so if anyone can help, thanks!