January 2nd, 2005

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Happy new years everyone!
I didnt really get any picture ON the new year but before when i was geting drunk!

me cooking pasta
and this is me crushing the camera!

Anyways though..im off to mexico hah in like 12 hours =S wooooo...

So hope everyone has a good newyears ahead of them!! bye

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I took a lot of pictures the night of the new year...only I forgot to ask someone to take some of me! So I don't have pictures of me that night. But I have a picture before our little party. So this is how I dressed that night (in the bathroom of my boyfriend...nice toilet ha?!) Happy 2005 everyone! Enjoy this year and make it even better than the last one!

tree frog

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greetings. a question for you dreaded lovelies.. what's the minimum length you've dreaded your hair at? my hair is between 3-4 inches and though i know i've seen hair dreaded that short, any success stories? anything different to do to make them work better? thanks!
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Ok, after pressure from dreadcookie here are some new photos, some taken christmas day and some taken just now... :-)

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ps. anyone else find those paper hats you get in christmas crackers don't fit if you've got dreads? :-P
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