January 4th, 2005


Alright so...

I was thinking today, and I kind of feel bad.

By that I mean, I feel as if this community thinks I'm a creepazoid. I surely give compliments to the ladies of the community, but really I'm only trying to be nice. I swear. I almost feel as though I'm perceived as the guy who lurks around the community and comments on the pictures of hot mommas (myspace style, if you're on it) aka, the internet come on. I also feel like it might seem I'm just a guy with a dread fetish.

Which I do have, but that's not the point, who of us here don't have one?

Honestly, it isn't my style to hit on girls over the net.

I think that's turbo-creepy, and I hate it. I hate to be thought of that way, whether it's true or not...

So here's the deal. It's late now and I can't do it, and I won't be able to until after work tomorrow (I work the lunch shift at a restaurant), but I promise I'll scan the three pictures of me with dreads. I may be lying, there may be only two, but regardless: there will be pictures. It'll ease my mind at the least.

Soon after that I'll post pics of my dread making process, I've been meaning to anyhow.

Goodnight to you all, GUDU. If my notions are ill-concieved, then awesome, if not, then I'm glad I posted. You're all wonderful.

See you tomorrow.
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Right. It's half past 2 in the morning. I can't sleep. I was lying awake in bed and I suddenly realised:

I think I want to be dreadless again.

It shocked me to realise it, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. People have been commenting on how nice my natural hair must have been (I guess because I have more of it showing than usual.. my dreads are a bit loose these days) but this isn't anything to do with them. I think I'm ready for this change.

EEP! It's scary though. I'm still gonna stay in this community (if you'll have me!!) so I can see all of you and your beautiful dreadies.

Oh, and one other thing. I'm going to be getting people to sponsor me to do this. So if you want to help me out, just leave a comment with your name, email address, amount of money you'd be willing to give, and the charity you'd like to see me give the money to. Cool.

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Save Our Planet

Hey Dreadies! This is a post unrelated to dreads, but I hope it's ok if I post this behind a cut.

I received this in an e-mail today and I need to get the word out. I (and the aminals) would think it was totally awesome if maybe some of you would participate for this. The aminals need us.

If this is spam in any way or form, I will delete this. I apologize in advance if it is.

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I hate to make myself out to be a liar, but my dad is on the computer that has the scanner and I can't use it. He's a CPA and is doing some important accountant crap. Not to diss on accountants, haha. You guys crunch the numbers so I don't have to.

Anyhow, I've been at work all day, a result of being called in to cover shifts at the last minute. AND I had to work a double, which sucked. And now I'm going to head off to a promising night of psychadelics.

So, in short, there's a raincheck on my photos. It'll be tomorrow, rain or shine, sleet or snow...etc etc. I don't have to work and I'm sure I could convince my dad that he needs an extended lunch break so that I can use the scanner.

Thanks for all the encouragement guys, it really assuaged my worries.


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hey there. hope everyone is having an awesome new year =)
so much shit has gone down in the last two weeks it's insane. i feel like mother nature is responding to all the harm we are doing to the earth. i think she has been for a while now, but it takes 100something thousand casualties (people alone, not even including animals) to make it clear.
on a positive note, i went to a comedy club on the 26th for my best friend's birthday and two of the performers commented on my hair. they both made references to marijuana tho
the first one said somethign along the lines of : "yeah, you must smoke marijuana...dreadlocks." and then he proceeded to tell me that my hair looked awesome and that he would give me shit if they didnt look good but they do. hah
the second one was talking about her binging and had previously referred to me as a stoner. then she said "sometimes, i dip pizza in nacho cheese...yeah you know what im talkin bout, stoner"
it was funny but i think if anyone else said that to me i would get really angry.
ahh joy. anyway
that is my fun dreadstory
now, visuals

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Hey hey! My sister borrowed my mother's digital camera tonight, to take some pics of her art work... So i decided to steal it and post some piccys of me and my dreads. I haven't posted pics for AAAGGGESS!!! So i thought it was about time!

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