January 5th, 2005

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pictures of my hair

hello dreadheads,
I hope you are all having a good start of the new year. I just returned to school a couple days ago, so that means you all get to see pictures that I took while at home. I added some yarn braids in my hair, and I think they look pretty cool. I also made some fimo beads while I was at home, but these pictures were taken before I put those in.

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I have been growing my hair since early June, when, after being a member of this community, decided I really wanted dreadlocks. Although it may not seem like much-- my hair was nearly a crew-cut for the longest of time. It feels wonderful to have lengthy and full hair; not to mention the reason for growing it. Well.. is later, now? It is probably just over five inches.

A couple of questions--

1) When is it appropriate to start dreading?
2) Do I need certain materals (like wax?) Which ones are the best?
3) Am I able to color dreads after they are formed? As in, if ever deciding to dye my hair post-hair.

Thank you guys so much. This community has always been one of my favorites, with the most wonderful energy.
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Happy New Year!

Hey guys! I feel like I haven't posted in here in forever...but really it's only been a few weeks. My boyfriend and I spent the holidays for a couple of weeks with his family and we took lots of pictures so I thought I'd share some! Not to mention you get to see the actual outcome of my blue blue bluuuuuee hair. And I've finally decided that I like it. I actually kind of like it more than the red! But anyway....

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hey everyone its Katie again!! I posted here regularly all last year but took a break for a while. So its been a very long time (8 months maybe?) since I've posted on Livejournal. I worked all summer then moved to Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Canada (the true north!) and grew into the true hippie I always knew that I was at heart. So I was super busy with school and photography (and also sick with mono) and lost track of Livejournal and my favourite dreadie community.

My dreadies are doing well and I've got a couple pictures to show! I'm glad to be back - hi to all the regulars that I used to know and great to meet ya to all the new people since I was here last!

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Hey guys... my name is Jill... and im just a viewier and adorer of the heddydreddies. EVeryone in this community is gorgeous and your dreddies are all so wonderful. I personally think i have perfecto hair for dreddin' its very thick, dark brown, about an inch past my shoulders... and i want dreddies so bad. But.i have a few concerns... im kinda anal in the cleanliness department...i can go days without washing my hair... but im afraid of bugs... or dirtyness... or whatever else comes with it. i know its a big responsibilty also... i dont want to do them myself because i dont want to screw it up. SO i guess im asking if anyone knows anyone around the providence ri/boston-southern newhampshire area who would be willing to do some dreddies? I would pay for the do' and i just I want someone else who knows how to do them so i dont screw it up, even though the process is pretty self explanatory.

Thanks in advance for any comments... all you beautiful dredheads you...
<3 Jill

Pics and question

soooo.. My mum bought me some stuff a long time ago, not knowing exactly what it was. It is called ApHOGEE. It is supposed to help you strengthen your hair from breaking. When I used it, it made my hair extremely dried out! The instructions indicated leaving your hair in moisterizer afterwards.

1)Has anyone used this before to help clean dreads?
2)Is strengthening dreads in this 'unnatural' method bad?
3)Is there are way to 'naturally' strengthen dreads?

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