January 6th, 2005

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hey all you beautiful dreaded lovelies...
i hope everyone had awesome holidays... and that not TOO many people got bobmarded with "dirty hippy" jokes from drunken relatives... :P

so i decided awhile ago that i wanted my dreads to be long... and i set out putting extensions on all of them (all 50 or so)... but of course being my creative self, i couldn't do anything bland... so pretty much every one turned out different; they are all made out of hemp, embroidery floss, wool, or a combination of the three.

these 2 are from when i was about 1/2 done, and i tied all my hair up to go out dancing - i got about 15 compliments on how it looked... mostly from girls in the bathroom :)
(i may have posted these 2 before, but i'm not sure... i'm sure you guys don't mind)
from the front (i look creepy, don't mind the face)
... and the back

and these are of the finished product:
from the front
the top

… so now that i'm finished them, i have come to the tragic discovery that i don't really want long hair... it’s just too much work, and too heavy… heh. i think i am going to cut it sort of shortish soon... but i'm leaving it like this for awhile just because i worked so hard for it. :D

and also, just because i like them, and i think you will too: pictures of me spinning fire!

I know I know I know

I know I just posted pictures last night but I felt the need to share.....

About 10 minutes after posting in this community last night I went off to go see my boyfriend. 2 minutes away from my house I got into an accident!! It was my first accident so it was kind of scary. No one was hurt but my doggy got a cut on his nose! Anyway, I was looking through some posts right now and I just felt the need to share because I really do need a hug right now. This is the last thing I needed. The whole back right side of my car is missing. :(

Oh dear.

And also just to make this post not compeltely text, I'll add a picture I actually meant to include last night. And I don't know if anyone has noticed but I wear my hair a new way now AND I don't have any more beads in my hair. They just didn't look right with my new color. Anyway....

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well i regret to inform you all that i pulled out all of my dreads but 2 in the shower today, kind of on an impulse but its definately only temporary, im going to put them back in within the next 2 weeks becacuse i want to have them again before i go back to college. the main reason i did it was because when i started them , i only did the front and top, and now the back is long enough, but there was so much loose hair everywhere that whenever i started to dread the back, something would get cought in it and it would mess me up, so im going to redo all of them nice and thin like, because thats how i want it :) anyway, ill have pics up soon of my new ones!

Peace out, and keep the love one.

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Dear dreaded livejournal users,

I love and appriciate each and every post in this community. I read every one of them, and if I accidently miss a day or am *gasp* away from a computer with the internet for a day I scan back several pages to make sure I get to see and read every one of your posts.
I get wonderful comments when I post photos here, and have been supported and encouraged every step of the way.
Please dont interprit this as me being upset with any one individual- or with the community in general at all.

But honestly, I have seen more 'Ive taken my dreads out' posts in the past week than Ive ever seen in the months and months of reading this community.
Whats going on? Is it the winter? Is it the holidays? Is it something in your drinking water? :p

In retaliation of all of the 'taking them out' dread posts here lately, Im posting some 'Ive still got dreadlocks, and look how wonderful they are!' photos.


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Oh-so bored

Here's some photo whoring pictures for you ppl that love to see other ppls messed up hair! Nothing special, im just bored :)

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Just a question...is anyone in here british?!
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you wanna come to a pants party?

okay so, last post, i said i was undreading my hair but i think i changed my mind. i really like them but they're just not doing well right now and i suppose if i just work on them and have some patience, then they'll get better. i do however need some tips or assistance or something on maintenance.. what i really need is someone who knows dreads to come and help me but my friends know nothign about them and they did a crappy job. so i'll just do the next best thing and ask you guys. anything would be helpful?
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I'm just too impatiant to grow my hair any longer! I'm just too excited to get dreads, do i decided, why not at least start now? I mean the only reason I tell myself to wait is because on the bottem layer in the back is too short to dread, but i can let them do it more naturally. so my question is, how do i go about this? I've read on knottyboy about starting, but i figured i can get some interaction here. so I was wondering which you think is the best method of dreading up, or at least what did you do and did it work well, such as: twisting and separating, it seems one of the easiest, but i've read a while ago that someones started comming undone? should i just back comb it all then dig in? or should i backcomb one then dread, and repeat. and another question is, how many inches or whatnot does dreads take off your hair [how much shorter will it look in the end?]. phew. ok well thank you very much, i love this community you are all so nice and beautiful thank you bye.

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