January 7th, 2005


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I'm not a liar, I promise.

My scanner is broken, so I can't post the three pictures I have.

My friend took pictures of me yesterday with her digital camera, and also has pictures of me saved on her computer. I was emailed them today, but somehow the process of downloading them to my iPhoto didn't work out. I don't understand it much, so I think the best option would be to go to her house and burn them onto a disk and then put them onto my computer.

I'm working hard my friends, to hold to my word. Things seem to keep going awry, but I am determined now more than ever because I'm soooooo close to being able to post my pictures. Besides, I want to have them on my computer for other reasons as well.

I apologize for not being able to deliver what I promised when I promised. It seems certain things were out of my hands.

Soon enough, soon enough.

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once dreads are locked in a certain position & you realize that between certain ones there is alot of space is there any way to seperate the larger ones? say, as they grow out...? im sorry if this question is ridiculous.


i know about bald spots and all...

but my GF was talking to a friend in her class and she said she got some really bad ones...

she said i was gunna get them cause of the way i sleep (i tend to move around some ^_^)...

to my knowledge not everyone gets them right?

thats what i thought...

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loose hair help!

I know that i posted this last month, but i have decided to post this once a month so people in my area can get some help!

anyone in New England looking for loose hair help? My name is Nicole and i live in western MA. i have become a master at crocheting loose hair back into dreads. i can help with any stages of dreadlocks... from forming to finishing. my base price without travel is 25$, which basically is anywhere within 100 miles of me. i will travel anywhere in new england or New York. the 25$ price is a flat fee, no matter how long it takes to work on your hair. the average time is about 4 hours, although it could go twice as long.

anyone interested can comment back or email me tenaciousactionj@aol.com

have a nice day!]
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Yay for the snow!

I was really sad when I came back to Mass. from NorCal and there wasn't any snow. But It's now four days later and there is so much snow and it's so pretty. I went out and took pictures today because the lighting was so good. So here are some pictures of me and also some pictures I took around campus and at the graveyard.
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Got the pics on iPhoto. Anyone know a good site to host the pictures? This is a lot harder than I thought. I've been on LJ for a couple of years and still don't know the ins and outs.

Sorry I'm not so good at this. I don't understand this whole posting pictures process. If you've got a problem with it, or if I'm annoying you then let me know. I'll delete this entry and there will be no problems.

I'm just trying to figure this stuff out.

If I can't figure it out after this then I'll leave you alone and fend for myself. I'm sure one of my friends can figure it out, they're just not around to help at the moment.

wax help please

hey, im sorry i dont have any pics to post (yet) but i just want to say i love this community and all the beautiful dreads!

my boy recently got knotted up and ive been doing loads maintenence on his dreads and he still wants to use wax to keep em tidy and help them along even though im trying to dissuade him!

anyway he has this texturising wax with beewax and i know its not special dread wax, but i want to check if it would be possible for him to use just to tidy his dreads up?
He and I are both guessing its not suitable but it was a present to him for xmas for his dreads so its worth a check right?

the ingredients - "PEG-60 Hydrogenated castor oil, PEG-32, PEG-8, hlycerin, aqua, PVP/VA copolymer, cera alba, vitis vinifera, parfum..."

thanks :)
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I just completely separated the four fingers of one mat on the side of my head. I clipped them a little to start, then ripped them the rest of the way. After the initial owwie, it feels great. Like a shaggy dog that just got its summer shave. :D No problems, either; they're not scraggly and none fell off.

I also tried doing some waxing + palmrolling because the girl who helped me put them in commented I should twist them nice and round. The waxing part didn't last long, too annoying, but my dreads need a bit of maintenence. I like messy hair but I also need a level of control. So more palmrolling for me, I say!

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sorry for this non related dread post.

in the past few months i have got out of my punk upbringings and hardcore dancing, as if you could say im growing up, or outa it. not that i dont like it anymore but i duno it doesnt spark that fire it did to me wile growing up. but to get to my point, im in love with bluegrass music. but i dont know too many bluegrass artist. on my tv theres radio stations and bluegrass is one of them. most of it is more like country and i dont care too much for it but the stuff with banjos! HOLY CRAP it makes me happy. i also have been listen to stuff like iron and wine, Damien Jurado, jeffery luis ect. so im asking for some insight on more artist if anyone knows.....