January 8th, 2005

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Would anybody like to be drawn?

I'm a charcoal artist and I am continuing my dreadlock series. For examples of my drawings, go here:

Click that image for more examples.

I'm charging for my work so I can suplement my income for college.
18" x 24" in size: $200 per portrait.
8" x 11" in size: $50 per portrait.

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For all of you who are finding trouble locating a place to host your pics. Here you go.

Putfile.com is a free hosting location.
You are limited to 2 megs but if you use an easy photo editing program like IrfanView or Photoshop or anything to reduce the size of your pics (ask some of us, we'll tell you how) you can easily upload dozens and dozens of photos for free.

Check it out. If I didn't have my own website, I'd use these guys.
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i just wanted to say thank you to all who responded to my last post. you all are wonderfull.

recently i tought myself to knit. and thismorning made a headband to keep my wacky hair back.
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yes, so i totally just cut my hair five minutes ago...

its the shortest ive ever had it, ever. BUT! i did not shorn any of my precious dreadie-poos, just all the hair on the sides, and some in the back. its kind of like a dread-hawk now. im excited.

pictures soon!

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Ooooold picture.

No more dreads. Snap snap.
I wonder when I'll be saying that to myself. So many are taking out their dreads these days, kinda sad really. I respect your decisions though. Just..nevermind.

Ooh, question: if you're gonna sew someone else's dread into your own hair (not to a dread), how do you do it? I've got enough loose hairs flying around in the back, all I need is some guidelines of how to get the cut off dread attached to my own hair :)

Thanks in advance! :)

Hilly xx
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