January 9th, 2005

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a few questions. i'd especially appreciate feedback from those of you that have had dreads for over 6 months.

1. how often do you wash your dreads?
2. any suggestions to keep dreads smelling good? (other than washing)
3. can you/have you ever used styling wax (not dread wax) on locked dreads to tame them? if so, what kind?
4. does anyone know if hair dreads better/faster when it's down vs. in a pony tail?

thanks everyone.
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i have discovered something over the past few days
my body is not a temple
it is not here to attract members of the opposite sex
it is not EVEN just here to facilitate transportation for my consiousness
it is, in fact, a phlegm FACTORY
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I'm in the search for some really cheap dred wax. I haven't used any in, damn, probably a year and a half, and in the past few months my dreds have started getting soooooo thin at the top---i feel like i have as many loose hairs as dreds, and they're also getting really dry and brittle, so it's time to use the wax.
The only kind I can find in town is that Murray's crap, which I used several years ago and haaaaated.
So I want really legit beeswax, I'll probably only use it once or twice, so used containers are fine (ie: just cut off yr dreds, have extra wax? decided you dont like wax?)
I can't find any on ebay for less than 10$, and can't afford buying it from places like dredhead.

Anyone even know anywhere online to get cheap wax?

EDIT: of course ill pay shipping for the wax, and if you are as broke as me and would like to charge based on amount remaining/whatever is reasonable, thats fine, i'm willing to do that. also, if you wanna email me about it, its my username with a yahoo at the end :)