January 12th, 2005

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Going Back To Africa

One thing I was taught about Dreadlocs, from Rastas was the fact that you want your soul to return to Africa, Ethiopia to be exact. Bob Marley's wife Rita is doing just that with his remains.

This makes my heart sing with joy. Cause as a devout Rasta-man, this was his most important final wish.

Big-ups, Give Thanks and Praise.

She is quite a woman. I can't say it enough.....

In the begining....

Okay, so my dreads are about 2 days old....I've posted some before-and-after pics. Can anyone give me advice on the tips of the dreads? Mine all are curly and bent and waxy and fuck-weird.
Word to my first time posting in this community.

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Help out.
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I've really not been looking after my poor dreadies lately... I tend to go through phases of thinking they look awful, and until yesterday, I had roots a mile long. I finally got round to buying some hair dye, and when I was dying my hair I stopped and just looked at it all. I was really shocked how nice it can look... It's such a great feeling when you actually look at your hair and see how pretty it is! =o!

...I got all excited and happy and took photos. These were taken when I was waiting the 20 minutes until I could wash the dye off, so please excuse the spots of it on my cheeks. >.< Heh...


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long time no post..
decided i should update on the dready situation heh.
i've been letting my hair do what it wants, basically, since april 2002.
i only toy with the ends (i play with my hair all the time), i don't touch the roots, they do their own thing and it works out fine :)

This was one year ago:

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