January 14th, 2005

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some pictures from the last 3 years,
this one is from when i just got em, small 3 years ago (left=me)

titel of beschrijving

ah and will some of you people go to some psytrance or tekno festivals around europe this summer? :D can't wait :S

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scratch nose

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Im going to be late to work because of this!

(but thats okay)

Last night I was getting ready for bed and had taken my hair out of the pig-tails that I normally wear it in. Once it was down I shook it around a bit, and then got an idea. I called my husband into the bedroom and demanded that he get some photos of me whipping my hair about. The cat seemed very interested- so it'll fit in with the few pictures recently involving cats and dreads.

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dead zone johnny & sarah

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Ciao! I am in Perugia Italy for the next few month and I swear there are more dreadheads here than I have seen in my whole life. They are all so beautiful and I just want to run up to them and touch thier hair and say "Amo tu capelli." Beautiful dreads in a beautiful city..doesn't get much better than that.
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dying dreads?

Well... i bleached the tips of my dreads way back before new years, (sorry about no pictures i don't have my camera cord. :'( ) Ans well i really really enjoy the tips and the way that they're dreading now. Like WHOA! i have decent tips. :D Also because the bleach didn't penetrate a few of the dreads i have a salt and pepper look going on. :D :D Really niftaschnazzy. So has anyone bleached a HEAD full of about foot long dreads? and if so did you remover your beads or not? And does bleach mess up/screw over/destroy Femo beads? what about wooden beads?

thanks folks, and i swear i'll get pics up soon!

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Hey All!
Here are a few pics I took last night of my new hair.
Oh, and I'm finally posting semi-nekkid pics, although you can't really see much. :P
I put them under a cut just in case they're not really work safe (and to save space, of course).

The color is far more vibrant in person. I used "Ultra Violet" by Manic Panic.
I prefer Punky Color, but I can never find it around here...

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I hope you guys enjoyed them. :)
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The question is... do dreads get terrible twos? My dreads are two months and two days old. They are actually doing great, except for one thing I noticed...
Two of my dreads have developed little appendages at the roots. It's a little band of barely dreaded hair that starts at the roots and then goes into the depths of the dreads. They stick up on top of my head in little loops. I tried pulling them to see if they would just pop out and I could crochet them back in, but that didn't work. Any advice? Knotty Boy says to snip them, but then I would have very short hair sticking up off the top of my head by my scalp, which would be no good. What should I do?

Dreaded jowlers would be awesome. Click here to learn more about jowling...
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