January 17th, 2005

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i got a picture, but its from an olld ollllldddd web cam type of thing...so excuse the quality...im not as high tech as some of you with your multiple mega-pixel digital cameras =)

theyre almost 2 years old...a couple of months away...but the pictures so bad you can even tell what it looks like ! =P

one day ill have better pictures one day

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I've been a very big fan and fond member of this community for a very long time now. I have long lusted over the idea of locking my hair up and until very recently, I have been living vicariously through all of you. (or maybe my hair has rather...) At any rate. I finally sucked it up and took the plunge on Saturday. A very good friend of mine sat down with me and she worked on my head for between three and four hours. I now have a head full of wee baby locks. I just wanted to spread around the good news. :-)

I haven't snapped any pics yet, but I will when I get the chance. They are um...a bit wonky as of yet, but that's part of the fun I figure. ;-)
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There's been quite a few posts recently where people have posted some really nice pictures and I've thought "Those are reeeaally nice dreads" and then at the bottom of the post there's a comment saying "I've just combed them out".

Arrrgh! :-P
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my kitties love my hair ^_^

arg - i've got a horrible headcold...feel like im dying! but my dreads are very happy...and i am happy with them...they are naturaly formed - 3months without brushing..i'd say my hair is about 8+inches long and some are up to 4/5inches dreaded...a few only 2/3 but are progressing...it's very ... impressive and awesome to wake up each day and feel my head and have there be improvement...and just...having them do their own thing..i love ^_^

so here are some pictures:


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Washing and drying

Hi. Some questions.

1.) I know that when you first dread your hair, you should try to avoid washing it for the first week or so. But when they say washing, does that mean with water, or normal washing with shampoo? Inotherwords, are you supposed to wear a showercap for a week and not even get it wet, or do they just mean don't shampoo it for a week?

2.) Also, when you dry your dreads, how do you do it? Airdry or towel dry? I hear if you do it wrong then you get buildup or even mold in your dreads. So what's the best way to dry them?

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shave shave shave.

i think tonight im going to cut off some of my 3 year old dreads. this scares me. but i think it needs to be done. i have way too many and the volume of hair is a bit silly. There's billions and billions.

So i think im gonna cut of some of the underneath ones and shave it short.


im worried that if i dont like it, they'll all have to go :S

Any advice/moral support for me?!?!?!?!!?
blurry is good

first time in forever

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my camera has been broken forever, so i haven't gotten a chance to document my newly pink-ed, extension-ed dreads. anyway, most of them are real, but plenty of fun stuff has found its way into my hair. in the event of this weekends "hot chix" party in mi casa, i managed to round up a few drunken, dancing pictures of my mane from friends. and even though you cant see them, the hot boy next to me has amazing dreads, too. next time.
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anyone wanna teach me the right way to do that ???
but basically..... whattya think? thisisdreaming and rejectsidekick did them for me, and basically i love her for it............

ummm these are how they are doing at 3 months......

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