January 18th, 2005

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i just cut off some of my 3 yr old dreads. i thought i'd be sad and have to mourne my loss, but instead, im quite happy.

I've just undercut them, mostly around the back, some on the sides. My reasons for doing this?

1) My head is a state (see pictures) and itches to hell
2) I get really bad build up of head scum round the back and sides and its pissing me off
3) I have millions of dreads so there was a very large volume of hair and it pissed me off
4) It was hard to tie back with all that hair.

So here's the results:

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Not the best pictures, but u get the idea...its hard to take pics of the back of ur head!

Yeah, so u can see how agrovated my scalp is. its been like that for a long time but i just decided that something had to be done, its taken me this long to build up the curage to go hacking away! The rest of my head isnt anwhere near as bad tho. But i was surprised at just how much head scum there was in my dreads when i cut them out coz its not that visible until u get up close! Does anyone have any good cures for this? like i say, i dont think its as bad else where but there's still a lot of unsightly flakes! (urgh)
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alright, so no pictures, but an interesting (well, to me at least) question. For those of you out there with no life like me- answer this question:

How many dreadlocks do you have? This is counting intended and also dreads that magically appeared on their own. Also- for those who have formed/are forming natural dreads- how many has your hair ended up sectioning off into?

I for one have just counted 51. This is way more than I would have guessed considering my natural fine, straight hair.

alright, Im a liar. Only because I love this picture so much.

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Hey everybody. This may seem like a stupid question, but for new dreads, how do you sleep on them at night without having them explode and giving yourself hella work to do when you get up in the morning?

new here :)

Hello all,
I just joined. im 18 and from metro detroit, michigan. I loooooove everything about dreads. i think theyre beautiful. anyways, just wanted to say hello to you all. anyone else in here from the detroit area?
Love and Light
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swimming and dreads...

well, the semester is starting and i'll be swimming twice a week...i'm afraid it's going to be a hard semester for my dreads. i need some advice. i think that i can possibly fit them under a cap...maybe. i don't know. i'm going to try that. i'm going to look ridiculous. haha.

also, i'm probably going to be at the gym more often too...gah. i get so stressed out whenever i have to wash my hair. haha.

so any of you active folks have some tips for me?

pictures when i get back to my dorm- they're hitting their third month!!!
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Hey folks.
My dreads are almost six months old and I decided to clip the ends of a few of them. A week ago I snipped and rounded off several on top of my head, because they were the most sturdiest and played with and I needed to take care of some lose hairs.
Before I do anything more, I would like to know what you have found to be good cut dreads with. I either use one blade of scissors and sort of gnaw at the piece for a while, or the removeable replacement of women's razors. Neither are 100% satisfactory.
How about you?

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i posted pictures yesterday i think
there is one dread in the back that was one of the nest ones and i took half of it out..it was one of the 1st to form...it took like...30mins to do...i dont know wwhy i didnt it...
i feel so unpretty...i know i cant get rid of these cause;
#1. i'll most likely have to cut them out
#2. even if i dont i will have VERY damaged hair ans have to cut it anyhow
#3. it will take me SO LONG and i will be so unhappy and most likely will have them again...

so what now?
what do you think?
those that saw me/see me
i feel gross and just stupid...

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whats going on... just joined...
i had some dreads up till about 2 weeks ago but i had to take them out for reasons id rather not mention.
but damn i miss them.
so im dreading up again in a few weeks...

they are so hott on everyone.

i dunno, add me or whatever floats your boat.

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i just updated yesterday, so im sorry if you're getting annoyed. but i was looking through the faq page, and i read about aloe and salt water. and i was wondering, which one do you suggest? or if you even suggest them at all. i just started dreading up yesterday, and i just want to make sure they are healthy and such. so i was wondering if i should use either of these things, this early at least. will they help or hurt, or do absolutly nothing? have any of you used either of them, and what were your results? thank you, and sorry for posting so much! : ]
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so i've been having some problems with the dreadies cause i neglected them a lot for about a month and they all got matted up at the roots and it was not pretty, but i've pulled and cut them apart, so now i guess they're okay in the way of being separate, but not so good in the way of looks. but you know.. i don't really care, i love them anyway. i just had one little problem with pulling and cutting them apart.. i missed once and cut a lock off by accident.. oh well.. now i just have like one two-inch dreadlock in the middle of a bunch that are like five times longer. but yeah i'm going to stop rambling now and show you some pictures.

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