January 19th, 2005

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sooo I just started dreading my hair, letting nature take it's course. I have straight hair, but it's so dry and damaged it's only been a week and it already looks like dreads (i've been seperating the rat's nest that grows into actual dreads). I like the way it looks buttttt....

There is one problem. My hair is long and red, but my natural hair color is blonde. It's starting to grow in, I have about an inch of blonde roots. Both my boyfriend and my roommate thinks it will look hot to have two-toned dreads, but I'm not to sure it will. I know I can dye them, but how? What's the best method for dying dreadlocks blonde? What should I use? Anybody have any experience with this??

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this is offtopic really, but i was curious...
how many of yall are gonna be headin to the counter convention tomorrow?
i sure will be, hope to see ya there (look for the dREDlocks) hah

errr...ohhhh! i was in las vegas at my brother's home in the desert (not in the subdivision part of vegas) this past weekend and he has a lot of aloe growing in his front "rocklawn" so i cut off a bunch of leaves and made me a concoction. aloe is a dream.

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do any of you ever feel... intimidated by other dreadheads? not in a bad way. like in awe. and you're too shy to talk to them, even just to tell them you like their dreads.

there's a guy i keep seeing around campus who has the most amazing, long, straight, thick, dark dreads. they are beautiful to behold. and i run into him at least once a week. and i always have the urge to just tell him how much i love his dreads. but i am so in awe, that i usually just avoid eye contact and smile to myself.

sigh. i am such a wuss.

p.s., i am radiosinheaven, i just renamed my journal. but it's still me!
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dreadlocks making someone a bad person?

yes. it's true.

my "friend" megan HATED dreadlocks. hated them so much when i had mine the first time, i got rid of them and she's all about them. i have them again and she wanted me to give her some dreads. i did. lately she's all "sarah, your dreads are ugly and stupid. mine are big and thick and they're going to be better than bob marleys." first of all, bitch. bob marley's dreads were amazing. second, there is no such thing as stupid ugly dreads. she thinks she's a hippie now. she has dreads, but yet she wants to beat everyone up and she's about war. uh, oh yeah what a hippie. she tells me everyone likes her dreads and hates mine. people are always telling me they love mine. she's trying to go vegan. but today i saw her eating a CHEESE BURGER! i didn't know cheese burgers are vegan? i guess you learn something new everyday. she told me i was a copy cat. i've been vegan for how long? 6 months. vegetarian for how long? a year. yeah, you've been vegan what, two hours? yeah. i wanna tell her how i feel, but she'll be like, "OH SARAH YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS!"

i guess her dreads are making her evil. :(

peace&love&then some,
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a previous post just reminded me of this, i'm going to my prom in a couple months, and.. well i have no idea what i could do with my hair. i went last year to the prom when i didnt have dreads and i had just the coolest updo, haha but i was wondering if maybe you guys had some ideas of something i could do that would be dressy and a little crazy, because, well, i love the crazy.

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natural dirty hippie

hey everyone. I just started my dreads a little bit ago. I basicly didnt wash my hair and shit and my boyfriend helped knot it up for me and my hair is forming nice dreadies. some still have some work to do, esp. in the back of my head but some are really dreadin. I named one Foxy because shes hottt.

I have a question for you guys, where can i buy dreadhats and beads? also, if anyone else here has ear gages, mine are 1/2 inch and i cant find any cool gages! so if anyone knows where to get those too, that would cool. peace.
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so i've been wanting antennae of god for a long long long long time but i've never really had enough money or the balls to do it. mostly because my hair was turquoise for 6 months and i didn't want teal dreads.

but now my hair is super long, super dry and back to my natural color so i'm totally ready. on top of things, it's really frizzy and curly.

a few questions of mine before i get them:
-would it be possible to not backcomb my hair into dreds since it's so curly and fried from hair dye?

-can anyone give dreds with a backcomb and instructions or is it better to get a professional to do it?

-would i NEED products like wax and dred shampoo? and if so, are the products from www.dreadheadhq.com good for that?

answers would be much appreciated THAAANKS =P
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so i am so dying to re-do my hair
and no one around here has anything...
no rubber bands, no wax, not even friggin aloe.
can my white girl hair dread and chill all by its self??

opinions? or even suggestions as to what to use would be nice...

shitson.. just want some dreads back.. is that too much to ask?
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Gunna get me some proper dreads w00t

Ok people been mlooking round this community for ages. Theres most mad wicked dreads on this site, and amd wicked dread holders (the people) I got a few pics of me now just plain hair (mates call it my woggy matt/mop cause im a wog n dits like a fuckin mop), and one of me with dodgy dreads i did myslef with no wax and a nit comb. Getting them done proper when i go to Big Day Out on the Gold coast (yeah im aussie)

Post and tell me if its long enough, this is what i grew my hair for, i tihnk its time for me to realise my dream :D

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(A wog is an Italian or a Greek person, people like that im italian)
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first things first i am so in love with dreads, have been since i started reading bout them a few years ago and i just get so excited by reading about dreads, is that weird? :|
so obviously i love this group :) and all your gorg dread pics

im desparate to dread my hair, and i know this is a stupid concern and stuff, but i bleached the hell outer my hair this year and its alot thinner than it used to be... and im really worried about looking kinda bald *insert very embarassed face here*

luckily i want kinda thin dreads anyway, but im worried they will still look abit thin and far inbetween if that makes sense.

*insert really pants photo of my hair as it is*

this photo is before a few of my random dreads and is crap.. but its me...

n ill have pink and purple and blonde dreads and ill love them like .............. ummmmmmm im gettin kinda obsessive now so ill shut up!
hey there :)