January 20th, 2005

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I just wanted to say thanks to everybody who took the time to answer my question about sleeping on the locs at night without having them erupt on my head. ;-) Your suggestions and advice were all very helpful. I'm sleeping in a tam (which is kinda rough - it's wool and highly itchy, but not too bad) and it seems to be helping some.

I'm five days in and counting.

I'm loving this whole new experience and I hope you guys know how much you rock for being such a resource and a cool place to hang out.

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last semester i had two photoshoots featuring my hair of locks
i bartered unlimited access to the pictures
for my time as a model
unfortunately my photographers are the most lazy college students i know
easily distracted
rather attention deficient
but they are artists in the most flattering of senses
so i await digital access to the film
i want to share more than anything and
only time will tell
Plead the FIF!

Ok. you said you wanted theme weeks

The get_up_dread_up photo theme for the week is: Winter

Take photos of yourself with a winter theme. Maybe you got a new knit hat for your dready head. Maybe you have photos of yourself making a snow angel. Maybe you just took a brisk winter walk.

Either way, post away and share them with get_up_dread_up!

P.S. If you have any more theme ideas, comment below or email me at jgrier at gmail dot com.
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so dying them made me feel ALOT better...and they are prettier now!!! woot!! i also got to rip apart clups today cause its so much better/easier when wet...so im diggin today...mucho diggin...
so here are some pictures...and one for the WINTER THEME!! DUN DUN DUN!

i hope you can tell...thats all snow on the ground...me lookin out my window.

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so.. let's say your hair is really starting to get on your nerves. and you occasionally think about cutting them off and/or combing them out. how long a period should i wait before i do this?

i don't want to regret it. i'm sure it'd feel great at first but after a while i don't know if i'd miss them or not.

i figure if i feel like this for a month straight and nothing about them makes me happy i need to do something. maybe if i just trimmed them? maybe some change will tame my shame for a while.. i don't know.

i just couldn't stand to look in the mirror today. eugh.
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all of you dreadies are such an inspiration to keep mine up.
mine are two months this week. and i can get seriously
discouraged sometimes (i have thick wavy hair..but my tips are still so loose).
so...thanks guys.
all of you have such beautifully rad hair.
keep those pics comin...

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I was wondering wether anyone here with ginger locks, or even just nornal hair has ever dyed it blonde? I want my locks to be a bit more blonde as the summer months come up but I'm not sure how well it will work? Dpes anyone know? Best of all would be if anyone had any pictures? xxx


Today someone came up to me and handed me a dime sac.... he said, "it looks like you smoke" and then he walked away, which was totally unexpected; however, I got some free pot... what else can I say? here's a pic... enjoy

body art


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