January 23rd, 2005

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I have had locks for five years, and here are a few things I've tried; let me know if any of you have done the same, and what sorts of results:

- Beeswax (both commercial preparation--as with Knottyboy--and pure wax mixed manually with oils): The way I started.
- Backcombing: How I started. I kept at it religiously for a month or so, using copious amounts of wax. The hair managed to tighten up very well within a few months.
- Aloe vera gel (currently used as a mixture with lemon juice): I've not yet used this enough to see a result, although the hair quickly gets a dry feeling.
- Rubberbands on roots (used early in the process with varying results; some locks had loose sections)
- Yarn darning needles with craft wire: gathering loose hairs and sewing them into nearby locks. (This is probably one of the more successful methods for solving loose hair issues)
- Cutting frizzies: For very small hairs on the sides of the locks, I used a pair of scissors and an electric shaver. This works quite well, especially alongside the sewing method.
- Salt water, lemon juice, aloe, and other ingredients in a spray bottle: Again, difficult to discern results.
- Scalp rubbing, rubbing ends: Instant results, but susceptible to relapse if not attended to regularly.
- Palm rolling: I didn't do too much of this until late in the game, when most of my locks were already petrified.

Unless I think of something else later, that's it.


Sometimes i like to sleep with my dreads just out and loose. Not in a pony tail and not in a tam or bandana. It's nice waking up with them all around your face. It's like a big hug fromyour dreadies.

BUt damn, i really hate the mess they get in by the morning. :p

oh and sorry for the pointless post. :S
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hey, i need some help, ive had my dreads for 3 years or so, at first i didnt wash them for ageees and all was cool, recently ive washed them when they have felt like they needed it, but if i do it too often my scalp gets greasy quickly and it goes fluffy and raahhh. i dont wana wash them again for a while. ive got loads of shitty tiny white bits in my hair and more when i rub my scalp. ive got sensitive skin and its been dry recently so hmmm its annoying. how can i get rid of the white shit?!?! ive hoovered some out hahahaha. sometimes washing doesnt make it better cos its all stuck in the roots.. im probably being paranoid you can only see it when you proper study them up close, but its annoying all the same. its mainly at the front of my head, where the scalp is a bit visible.
thanks for any help!!
i'l post some pics soon..
peace xx

knotty love <3

Hi, I'm Cal & I'm new here.

I first had dreads in oct/nov 03, but I only kept them for 4 months because my emotional state wasn't too great and waking up with a waxy pillow pissed me off (hairbands always fall off, damn being a fidgety sleeper)

I started with the knottyboy starter kit. My mum did it for me, sectioned them all out, backcombed & waxed :D
I bought some dreadhead shampoo (liquid stuff seemed easier) & dread accelerator but both didn't agree with my scalp or my locks so I went back to knottyboy <3

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Oh and I bleached them while they were dreaded, it made them gorgeous & tight :D

Anyway I really missed them so I dreaded my hair again last week :D
This time I did it myself and didn't bother sectioning them out, so they're not very organised, but I still love them. I didn't bother dreading my fringe cos that'd look weird so I just kept it pinned back, and ended up with a quiff..

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Anyway thats my dread story
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It is I, Sarah (kunt_cobain). I decided to get a new LJ, so add this one if you'd like.


I've had my new dreadies for about three weeks. I love them to pieces. They're knotting up amazingly. I haven't washed them, my head doesn't itch, I have no desire to wash my hair. *blush* All is well. I'm getting ready to decorate them this week. But, everytime I try to put yarn in my hair, the yarn becomes loose and falls out. I wrap the yarn so tight, it just wont stay in. Any tips? Oh and, what kind of products do you lovely dreadheads recomend for hair growth? Thankies.

My birthday is in ELEVEN days, so hopefully i'll get that long-a-waited camera and take pictures and show you people my beautiful face! And by face I mean dreads! ;]

Peace, love & then some,
Sarah Lee
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yesterday i frolicked all day in the blizzzzard with my best friend in the whole wide world. we went to a comedy club at night, where, as always i got comments on my hair. the host commented that they looked great aha and that he tried growing dreads but he ended up with an afro. last time he asked me if i had pot. and the woman last time kept calling me a stoner. she told us about how much she likes to eat ... "i like to dip pizza in nacho cheese...yeah you know what im takin bout stoner"
aha. it was kind of a cheap shot, but alas, funny indeed.

so i took out three really frizzy dreads (ripping) and have decided to let them do their thang. theyve already begun humping. =)

so here are my themed pickshers
have fun

ps. anyone have trouble getting hats over their heads??? i lsot my dread hats and i have nothing that fits ARRRRR!

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haven't posted in a while...

so here's some pics. i dyed a few of the tips of my hair yesterday, so i wanted to post some before the dye faded. also, i'm cutting my hair this week. :( i'm sad about it, but i think it's time for a change. it's been one hell of a crazy year...actually, over a year and a half now. i'll post more when i cut them.

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hey guys, i'm completely new here, but you guys all sound super fun...i talked to lots of people, and a few said i wouldnt look good with dreads...what do you think? heres sorta what i look like:

the end of an era

From this:

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It took me two weeks but I'm pleased with the results. I might be a dreadhead again one day, but for now running my fingers through my hair feels faaaaaaaaar too good. In doing all this, I raised about £350 for the tsunami appeal. Yay!
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