January 24th, 2005

Plead the FIF!

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get_up_dread_up Shout Outs!

What country/state/island/dimension if everyone from? How long have you been locked? How many siblings? How's the weather? What's you favorite color. I know there are several members who speak different languages. And I got curious.

So everyone should post a quick bio so we can know a little about you.
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i'm lyly, and i'm new ^-^

i'm not dreaded yet... i'm too lazy for my own good. BUT. my Knotty Boys kit turned up this morning XD so i'm set to go. someone's going to be dreading me up at some point in the next couple of weeks... but i'm quite worried about how long it's going to take as i have quite long hair... i can't sit still for long periods of time, another problem.

anyone have any tips i can give him? he thinks the best way to do it is to get oh so very stoned so the cramp doesn't hurt... *sighs* men

EDIT: my mum just told me not to do it... i think it was her last attempt to talk me out of it. she's been trying to talk me out of it for years. her exact words were "i can't believe you're going to do that to your lovely long hair! if you're bored of it cut it, don't stick junk in it. who's going to do it for you anyway?" maybe she's going to hate my bf now? iek.

she will not come between my and my dreadies, mission on! ^-^
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Hello dreaded friends! I've never posted here before, but my face has been! My best friends Abbi- or Leylohfaerie posted pictures of my hair- and us tying our locks earlier in this page! Hope your all feelin fine...
I can't wait until my dreads mature! I want proper heavy, meaty, natural draedlocks! I've had mine now for about 7 months... How long more will i have to wait!? I'm so excited :)

Take care x

Hug Me!!!!
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awhile back, maybe three weeks ago, i said i wasn't using wax anymore cuz i didnt like the goock. well, now my dreads are falling apart and i'm worried. theyre unraveling from the ends up and no amount of backcombing, or twist n rip will save them. same with palmrolling. if any of you have any advice on how to help a dread-friend in need, share!it really sucks to have locks that are dependent on wax

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its marielle
i have locks
1.5 years
but you gotta see this
basically only the right side of my hair is locked not counting like 3 locks and a bunch of babies in the backside
so clock on my ljcut
i am cool
and i live in jersey
which isnt that cool
but its okay
my name is marielle
look at my hair
i never post pics so
this is kind of
well not that amazing
but it might be

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hey fellow funksters ;)
i wish snow fell over my side of the earth, atleast in this state anyway..
it seems to look so beautiful, i want to kiss everyone who's posted their snowy locks :)
..but alas i'm boiling and sweating all year around in the tropics, so i don't have any winter related pictures to post.
my locks are nearly 8 months old now, i haven't worked on them much at all, and i've waxed them only two or three times.
i like the idea of letting them grow and doing whatever they want, my head is like my very own little garden with trees sprouting out each and every way.
also, does anyone have some suggestions on good wax i can buy locally in australia, i'd love to purchase some knottyboy wax but the price difference works out pretty hefty and i don't want to sound cheap but i'm not the most well off person, any comments would be muchly appreciated !

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