January 25th, 2005


wus crackin
i just joined this community.. i think im sposed to post Collapse )

ive been a dread-head for two months. how do you think theyre coming? they have loose spots, so ive been self conscious lately.
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Today I'm feeling Whimsical; don't know what it means, but the sound describes my feeling perfectly. I'm sitting at college bored out of my wits, in the 'quiet' room- a section of the library with computers where talking is a sin. All i can hear is the typing of keyboards- mine is the loadest, its distressing. I'm sure people are peering at me, thinking; 'oh my god, what a hippy'- some one shouted that at my the other day, as if it should be offensive! - I smiled to myself...

Happy thoughts please :)
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evil monkey


so.. today...january 25th 2005.. is the first day that i can say i have a whole head of dreads.. ive been working on them, by myself, since saturday. taking my time and such. so im claiming this day to be there day of birth. hachacha. im excited. try to take some pictures tonite so that everyone can be happy with/for me!!

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Okay, okay, okay.

I need wax. Badly. I can't get any until tomorrow, sucks. So, I found some beeswax lip blam, can i put that in my hair? Or would I be better off using toothpaste?


peace, love & then some!
evil monkey


so my friend is supposed to be putting some hemp around one of my dreads tonite...

but i want to dye my shit too...
would it be better to wait till after there dyed?
or do u think it doesnt matter much..hmmmm...
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Hi everyone. I'm planning on getting dreds after my trip to Paris. I have a few questions though.
1. My hair is orange right now, how much of a problem is it to dye dreds brown? And long would I have to wait before I decided to do it? Contemplating if I should dye it before I start or after..
2. Is it better to have damaged hair or virgin hair to first start dreading?
Thank you all. I can't wait to start.
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Hey everybody. I am new to this community and am researching into getting dreads. My hair is pretty short right now and I am trying to grow it out. I looked through the FAQ section to try and answer a lot of my questions and most of them were answered there.
I do have another question though. Does anyone here who has dreads also have psoriasis on their scalp? I have had it since I was a kid. For anyone who doesn't know what it is, psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that itches with scaling red patches. Mine isn't super bad but it does get on my nerves sometimes. I just wanted to know if anyone with dreadies has this problem and what they have done to help it. I often use tea tree oil or peppermint on my scalp but that doesn't always help. I am just concerned that the problem could get worse if I were to dread my hair eventually.
This seems like a great community.
Thanks a lot.
Peace, love and light,
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