January 26th, 2005


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I'm procrastinating from packing (I have to go back to New York City tomorrow...so maybe winter pics soon?), so I thought I'd share some pics from a small hotel party that was thrown in my honor on Monday:

Aaron and myself

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Hello there everyone.
I really wanna get me some dreads...but i have a few questions...
How exactly does the whole 'getting dreads' work? How exactly does it make your hair that way???
How long does your hair have to be? (Mines past the shoulders)
If i got dreads, and decided i didnt like them, what would i have to do to get rid of them, and would it do ne damage to my hair???

Thanks much

Hold Me.

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hey everyone! i just got my dreads about a month ago and i love them!

how fast do your dreads grow? have you seen a significant growth over time, of is it not that noticeable? my dreads are mostly shoulder length, and i hope they get real long soon.
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not sure if this is really appropriate for the community...
but it's fun.
and i know you're all camwhores. :P

a survey that requires the use of your digital camera.
only answer in pictures.. please keep them small-ish.
have fun!

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clutch to the bosom!


popping in like i do. i haven't nauseated you guys with pictures of me & my muppety-ness in a while, eh what? oh, and i was thrilled whilst reading 'king lear' this semester to find a reference to 'elf locks' with a footnote/explanation no less! tis from when edgar disguises himself as a poor madman and gives himself the aforementioned matted hair :D as a jojofaerie myself, i approve of this term muchly.
forgive me if you subscribe to my lj & have seen these already.

[from 10/04] being a bloody wench during strike for 'rosencrantz & guildenstern' in my props i done brought/wore in the play. i never realize quite how ridiculously long my 5 year old babies have gotten until i see pics like this were they practically cover m'jubblies. *gasp*

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best wishes you dreadfulovely creatures. xoxojojo
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I can't top that awesomely cool ass red dread mohawk, nor can I top any of the other hott ass dread pics posted within the last few hours, but I wanted to share my freshly dyed dreads. Black and purple. It's much more vibrant in life, but you know how those digi cams work...

Enjoy you sexies :D
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