January 31st, 2005

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i want to try combing my roots. (starting to want change again.) i saw a girl with combed roots once, she had nice locks and smooth hair combed hair on top, it looked pretty neat. she wore it in a pony tail, and from the front it looked like regular hair, but in the back the tail was all locks. but if i decide to comb the roots.. and i dont like it.. it's possible to let em turn back into "full" dreads right?

am i making any sense...?
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Hey pinkheroin here, changed my user picture so you'd know im a girl hah

I was just wondering if anyone had any good tips for smelly hair? hah People say it smells like dirty hair..but doesnt smell all that bad..any suggestions?
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help!! all of my dreads are growing together on the right side of my head (the side I have to sleep on)....I keep trying to pull them apart, but they just really want to be together.

any suggestions? I don't really want to put rubber bands in them.
Plead the FIF!

Yup. Another theme post.

Photo Theme for the week is: Posing with pets!

I know some of you dreaded folks out there are animal lovers. Does your pet hamster run through your dreads? Got any sleepy pictures with your cat? Does your dog look confused when you shake dry your hair?

Pose with your pets and share it with get_up_dread_up!

And we're still talking suggestions for themes at this post!
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a few moments ago in line at the bank, some man asked me "how does it feel to be a hippy?"
he then proceeded to tell me all about how long his hair used to be, and how wide his bellbottoms were.
people are funny.
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Here is for the pet theme. My dog Raz mostly ignores the dreads except when I rile him up and he bites the hair. Anyway, it's hard to get both our heads in a shot because he wants to run away.

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And these are some better pictures of my hair than the ones I posted a few days ago. They look really good from the back, I think!
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i think i have posted most of these pictures at various times before, but tragically on jan 20 my ratty kiddo barry white passed away. he was the best rat ever, and so i'm going to post the pics of him in memorian, since it is pet theme day, and because i loved him.

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