February 1st, 2005

RuPaul looking lovely

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RIP get_up_dread_up Background.

Due to some technical difficulties with the server, we've lost the beloved background images for the community. I know you guys really liked having your pictures up there. I'm really sorry about it.


So I suppose this is a great time to fix things up a bit. This means things might be a bit wacky when viewing the community. Bare with me. But until I do all that good stuff, enjoy the spender of the sky blue color.

Um... yeah.

If you wanna contact me... yadayada, jgrier at gmail dot com.
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i wonder

So okay here goes
Ive been away at school for the past few months, and so I went home this weekend and was hanging out with my horses and low and behold one of my horses (who btw has wavy mane and tail:)) had a DREAD!!! I dont know if this is a bad sign or not...I was pleased because damn thats cool to have a horse with a dread but i dont know if that can be seen as...neglect or not??? :(:( i love both my horses and stuff...but i still combed around this dread...and then i palm rolled it.
So tell me...is this good or bad!? because i just htink its damn cute
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Plead the FIF!

Wanna help with our layout?

Here is our temporary layout. If you aren't a fan, don't worry. I put this up so that now I can work on the real one.


If you have a picture of your dreads that you'd like to be part of the new community background, leave it as a comment in this post. I'll check back here in a week and then get to work on it.


1. Must be a picture of dreadlocks.
2. Try to find larger pictures. They are easier to work with.
3. If possible, the less clutter in the background picture, the better.
4. Clear shots would be good. Although actions are great too.
5. Be unique. Have fun with it.

Understand that once your picture is in the background, it would be really hard for me to go back and fix or erase pictures. This means you're letting the community use it for as long as it uses the new background. By submitting a photo, you're agreeing to those terms.
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Hello guys... So what do we all think of women and.............

...armpit hair!!!?????

Input much appreciated; as i still havn't developed the confidence to show them in public; even though i've now had them for about 6 months... My boyfriend asked me to grow them- and unprotestfully; I did! and i personally love them. They make me feel more woman than i could ever have imagined.
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i had an idea as i was falling asleep last night. let's all throw a couple (or a million) tips on maintenance from our own experiences into one giant post, & toss it into the memories, & refer people to it regularly.

so comment something you noticed about sewing in the loose hairs, or a certain way you found that it's easier to dye dreads, or a hint about palmrolling you discovered, whatever. the point is to help everyone to achieve the most awesome of dreads so that they will post images & we can stare happily at them.

i'll start: i have found that you can avoid having big flat spots at the back of your head if you toss your dreads randomly to the side every time you rest your head back against something. plus, it just looks cool to be resting there with a big mop of dreads sprouting away from you. :D


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Hey everyone,

I think it might be time for the dreads and I to part ways.....we've had good times, we've laughed, we've cried, haha. I'll post photos as soon as I can find some, they're a little over 1 year and I used to love them dearly but now it doesn't seem to fit anymore. Can anyone who happily parted with their dreads post to assure me that I won't regret it? Haha. Oh and who thinks it's worth the pain to try to comb out some or all of the length of my dreads? I got sick of short hair a long time ago, though I've never had a shaved head so it might be fun.

Any comments on the dread life cycle are welcome :-)
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