February 2nd, 2005

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It was a dread-negative day for me today.

I was on campus all day and granted, I've only been locking up for three weeks now, and I'm sure there's more of this to come in my future, but up until this point, all of the comments I've received on my hair have been positive. But today, I was standing with a professor outside who I have been a TA for for years now, and she went at me for a whole five minutes about why my hair looks awful and how I need to put some conditioner in it and who exactly did that to you...telling me how awful it looks and nothing on the planet is supposed to look like that, you'll never get a job, etc. etc.

And while we're standing there, another professor walked by and I said hello, and he says hey, you're doing your Bob Marley impersonation. Puke.


Why do people feel like it's okay to be so rude about someone's hair just because you semi know them???

Anyway. I just needed to vent that out a little bit.

It's my head and it will look the way I want it to. So neener neener neener.
(on the face) idiomatique ivrit

dread pr0n.

i am utterly enamoured of this photo from hippiegoddess.com
never fear, it's pretty much an all ages appropriate photo-mo.
well, find the nip if you can, tho.

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fake dreads

I have some amazing fake woolen dreads i used before i dreaded my hair, but their just straight dreads with no loop or anything.
ANyway got any advice on how to work these into my real dreads for short periods of time?
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alright so i'm ready.
but i'm definitley going to buy a kit.

so do you guys think a dread kit from:




would be better?

and is locking accelerator neccessary?


ok, so im new here and so are my dreads, but i have a question.
i checked the memories and didnt see anything in there, so hopefully someone will have some advice.
Does anyone have any patterns/ideas for making Tams or other related headware?
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and since i have a digicam and all i thought id take some pics , here is the hair--->

some of my back ones that ive had for a while have begun to split and it worries me
i used to have a lot fo beads but now i have none, i somehow lost them all
except for 2
i have a piece of clay in one of my flat locks, and its starting to crack, which is kind of cool
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I've had dreds since Oct 2002, have been lurking, looking at everyone else's pretty pictures. now i figured out how to post my own. These are from January 2004. Have a good day!
Much love,

*warning- these are large*

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