February 3rd, 2005

  • sho_fan

Seattle Help!

Hey Dreadlock Buddies!

My dreads are 2 years old and have LOTS and LOTS of loose hair. I have tried all sorts of things on my own and I am ready to try the salon maintenance approach. I live in Oklahoma and I cannot find anyone who can help me. !!
The Point is:
I will be in Seattle this spring for a visit and was wondering if anyone here knows of a salon or person that can actually get my loose hair to stick? (and maybe show me some great tricks!)

I love my dreads and they are okay when I tie them up, but I want to wear them down without looking like a mad banshee cave woman. I am graduating from OU with a masters degree in May and I have to find work, (library & information studies) I'd rather do it with swanky dreads than 1/2 inch of hair...