February 4th, 2005

me in the corner

New yarn braid

I put in this pretty blue yarn braid the other day.

Today after class I bought a bleaching kit and huckleberry blue hair dye. I'm going to bleach 7 or 8 of my dreads and dye them blue. Probably tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips for not getting bleach on the dreads I don't want to bleach?

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someone posted on here like yesterday or a few days ago about having a lot of loose hairs and stuff.. well i`m in the same situation, so if anyone has any hints or better yet, knows anyone that will do some maintenance or anywhere i can get some done around the atlanta area, let me know? i`m going to prom soon and i don`t really want to wear my hair up in a ponytail thingy like i`ve been doing lately, i have an insane amout of loose hairs so they look terrible when i wear them down. :/
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hey hey fellow dreadies.
dont you just love clothes dye? ive been dabbling in it all day [avoiding a 14,000 word essay ;)] and now my top and linen trousers look fabby in black. bit boring...but white tops dont suit me...plus they were hand me downs and had grass stains, paint stains and ink on them...
i christened our nw bath today, was loverly...havent had a bath for a year 1) because we only use it in winter and 2) because our bathroom burnt down before xmas..
just one question, does it matter if you put bath essence or a bath bomb etc in the bath if your washing your dread with knotty boy stuff, or any dread shampoo...im afraid it might not rinse so well, but need a second opinion..

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I just wanted to say that I love Knottyboy very very very much. I just washed with their dread soap a few minutes ago and my hair feels soft and it smells awesome! I just wanted to share that. ;-)

This was the third wash and all is well. I love my head.


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This is the kitty that I adopted on Tuesday. Her name is WheezyCat and she has been on perma-purr ever since she arrived at my home. She used to be a garbage cat but I saw her skinny hips and I almost cried, so I took her home. When she purrs she sounds like a pigeon.
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