February 7th, 2005


Dread formation

Hey all, just joined, and this weekend I'm planning on making my shoulder-length, silky hair into a nice head of dreads. A few questions that I hope aren't too terribly common:

First, I looked into the kits from Knotty Boy and DreadHead HQ. Of the two, which is better? Any other do-it-yourself kits I should look into? Any methods that will work better?

Once made, will the dreads become thinner or thicker over time?

That should do it. I had fun browsing the photos on this site, by the way. Nice to see that almost every head of dreads has a unique style.
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did i do it right?

Hello everyone!
I am new to the community and most importantly new to being knotty:)
I just made my dreads last night with a little bit of help from my husband for the backside of the hair mostly.
I just want to hear you lovely dready people's opinions on the results of my work. Does it look like i have done it right?
oh and one more thing
is it just me or does it really look like i have made them a bit too big for being new?(considering the fact that they will eventually grow even bigger)
here are the pics, i leave it all to your judgement now:)

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Alright, updating waaaaaaaaay too much.
Today is the first day that Ive been happy with my hair worn down. Im really excited about it. You get two pictures.
Im a little amazed at how much its grown. When I first dreaded my hair they only came to a little above my chin.
For a long, long time it felt like they didnt grow at all- but in the past two or so months they've just grown like crazy. Im impressed.
Ive done some looking around and found that March 04, 2004 was their technical creation date. That means we'll be celebrating their 1 year birthday in less than a month!
In a pre celebration- here is how long they've suddenly become.

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ive fallen off the map a little after not posting in awhile, so here are some brand-new pictures of me and my head!
i finally got all the black out of my hair and now i'm representing the natural brown. also, i noticed my dreads were getting a little thin up front, so i cut off some in the back (where it's thicker) and sewed them up front. you can see the blue thread where they connect...
it's actually a really good trick. i suggest you try it, if your dreads are a little sparser than you like.

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