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[12 Feb 2005|12:34am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i have no pictures of me depicting that dreads are love, sooo...

get_up_dread_up is love!!

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Help? [12 Feb 2005|12:47am]
[ mood | content ]

I am new to this group. :)
My name is Kayden, 16, like in Akron, Ohio.
I have had my hair short, after having it long, and I want to dread it now that I left my private school I can finally do it. But I have to grow it out... I have attempted to do it a few times, but broke down and shaved it again... But I love the dreads, the look, the feel. The everything about them. The statement, ladada..

I'm doing really good at growing it out this time, so...

Any idea how long it has to be until I should start twisting it? Or how long it has to be until I have to be when I can start dreading it?

muchas gracias!

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[12 Feb 2005|02:54am]
[ mood | high ]

bus driver: who's that leaving the apartment the same time as you?
yolanda's grandma: that's david
bus driver: why are you letting him stay with you?
grandma: he's a nice young man
driver: i bet he doesnt even have a job
granny: as a matter of fact, he does. he got one right away. he's a respectable, intelligent young man.
driver: he looks like a bum
g: well, looks can be deceiving, and i don't appreciate you talking about him that way!

and i thought i looked respectable today. i shaved and errthing.

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[12 Feb 2005|11:44am]
[ mood | need coffee.... ]

so no pictures (i modeled for an oil painting class this week, and i asked everyone with digital cameras to send copies of the pictures they took, but so far i've only got one of my dog), but what with the corporate holiday i thought i would post:

listening to the weakerthans with my dog, mixing new non-nasty-smelling dread spray (new essential oils - vanilla and lotus and gardenia, yay!), watching the fog on the bay through the window with the fireplace going is definitely love on this cold Saturday morning.

in other news:?
was it someone in this community who posted about the weakerthans (or mentioned them in a post?) i found one of their cds on my computer, with no idea of where it came from. it's fantastic. i went out and bought the rest of them yesterday. who the hell are these guys (this guy?) that they can make such great music? it confuses me...

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[12 Feb 2005|01:20pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I havent posted in forever, so here is a little bio about me, AGAIN!

I'm jaime, I stopped combing my hair a year and a half ago. I dont use wax, I dont backcomb. I pretty much dont do anything to my hair except for occasionally separating dreads.

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[12 Feb 2005|02:00pm]
hey everyone-

ive had my dreads for about a month now, and i love them! im worried about my tips, though. i don't rubberband them, i just roll them alot. do you think i should put rubber bands around my tips? from experience, does anyone really know if it helps your dreads at all? what about roots?

dreads are love!
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[12 Feb 2005|04:54pm]
my all time favorite hair question:

"how do you get you hair to do that?"

:::explains the entire backcombing process:::

"so, you do that every morning?"

i've gone through this conversation quite a few times.
i think i'm just going to start telling people "yes, yes i do"
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[12 Feb 2005|05:06pm]
[ mood | shalom ]

my woman and i


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[12 Feb 2005|06:21pm]
so yesterday and this morning i was told to work on my friends dreads. they are lovely alas i have no pictures. she had already stopped brushing awhile ago, but she wanted something definate so i offered my experience. they are fluffy and wonderful and i know that they will be beautiful is she can stick with it.

yes, so sending out the dreaded love to all of you!
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[12 Feb 2005|06:36pm]

i posted a long long time ago, about three months? well i was trying so hard to dread my hairs but it would just... slip apart, even after a week. i had washed my hair with a bar soap before i started and back combed, and palm rolled. yadda yadda. but anyways, i ended up taking the non-dreaded dreads out : [. and i'm on mid-winter break, i just bought so bleach [40 volume], and was inspired again by all of your beautiful dreads.  now i have read the memories and all, but im so conufesd about bleaching dreads. so i have two things:

1.] how long should i wait until i bleach it after i start dreading? or if i bleach before hand, will it help more then bleaching WHILE it's dreaded?
2.] how do i wash the bleach out? this on leaves me totally stumped. so what do i use to wash the bleach out!?

i lied... 3.] is that such thing as too damaged? for dreads. i mean of course i don't mean chunks falling out. but dry dry hair?

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[12 Feb 2005|08:17pm]
Hello. I was looking through Loop Troop / Promoe pictures, and I thought I would share some. Because Promoe has wonderful, BIG, sexy dreadlocks. So, view the dreadlocks, and check out their music. Superb.

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the long awaited return of scruffy the wookie [12 Feb 2005|08:40pm]
[ mood | spent ]

so i made my friend take pictures of me, or rather the fluffy locks on my head
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