February 13th, 2005

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hey folks. it's been a fun year and five months
on thursday i hung out with a few friends....one of whom i know as an acquaintance but have never gotten close to.
anyway, she was talkign to me and we were in my friend's bathroom talking and i said something about loving not having to do anything with my hair. she replied "yeah me too..." and it puzzled me because she has long hair that looks straightened. but then she continued and basically told me she shaved her head and was wearing a wig. she showed me the bottom of her head that wasnt covered by the wig and i thought it was the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. she told me all these beautiful things about having hating her hair and then being inspired by empire records to cut it off.
i walked about a mile with her to the train and once on the train i realized many things about my dreads
they were hiding me. i was hiding behind them. i let myself hide behind the idea that i had dreadlocks. it protected me from people. it protected people from me. and furthermore, i love them so much, it is time to let them grow in naturally
i have all the heart for dreadlocks but not dreadlocks that have been made. this is not to say to any of you who have backcombed your dreads that you do not have real dreadlocks or that they arent beautiful, it is just time that i embark on THAT journey.
with all of these reasons, i realized that after 17 months, it was time to let go
i got home and took my scissors, and chopped off my dreadlocks. i cried a lot and did a lot of it in the dark. the crying i did was pure emotional weight. by the time my dreadlocks were gone and my hair was combed out i was lighter than ever. i couldnt tell at first but when i shook my head i cricked my neck because i was anticipating much more weight.
everyone at school flipped out when they saw my hair. i was really dreading having to go to school with my hair simply because i didnt want to talk about it much. it was so new and so so tender that i didnt think i could do it but i did. im really proud of that
i feel very beautiful and i feel like a weight has been taken off of my shoulders. i am not hiding anymore.

i intend to grow natural dreads but that of course could change. one day...one day
im stayin' in the community of course =) i think you are all wonderful
and now, for le visuals
warning...there are A LOT OF PICKSHERS...im not talking ten or twenty...there are MANY but it's fun...so errr.have fun
oh and also, nigel, if you are reading this, you might not want to look until after you have seen me in person! and...yeah

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Dread accesories can be bad for your health. Have you ever rolled over in bed and found an errant bead drilling through the leg? Ow.

Well, yesterday my mom changed pace and instead of suggesting we go to the salon and get me a cute haircut, she offered to take them out and redo them to the size of a pinkyfinger. She'd probably get sick of uncombing and redreading before me and then where'd I be? 'Cause, a couple of these locks are solid.

Anyway, here's a picture I took and played around with, turned out neat I thought. I love the contrast of anyone's dreads against a bright background. Vanity makes every booboo go away. :D

And here's a couple I took last week. Boring back-of-the-head shots. Collapse )
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Hey everyone!
I have been using knotty boy dread shampoo for washing..and its almost gone...I was just wondering what you all use to what your dreads? Any products or ideas you could give me would be great...and cheaper the better hah!
Heres some pictures...I made fake dreads but I didnt wanna sew em in..so i just tied them in for a day...I dont like the feeling at all..soo0o0 itchy..but heres some pictures for your viewing pleasuuure =) HAVE a nice day

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