February 15th, 2005


It is dangerous to wave to people you don't know, because what if they don't have a hand?

Hope everyone's day went decent. I realized that I am fast approaching my three year dread birthday which also happens to be my 21st birthday. So I will take pictures and share with all!

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I took my girlfriend down to get her nipples pierced as a present today. This wonderfully cute husband/wife team did them tandem at the same time. She made the funniest facial expression in the world.

That's it....the end.
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so i got some copies of the pictures people took while i was modeling for the oil painting class last week. my dreads are pulled back, but you can see the calico and the dread-ness. and my dog, which makes the pictures worthwhile anyhow.

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i got my dreadies!!!!
although, we didn't manage to finish my whole head yet.
three days of dreading got about 3/4 of it done.
we had to stop for sleep, sex, drugs... y'know, the usual.

but i love them already.
they're very much over waxed. but no matter.
we're going to sort the ends out when we finish them in a couple of weeks (distance proves a problem yet again).

but, yay!
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dreadlocks are everything that love should be

I havent updated in a long time, probably considering I only have about 15 dreadlocks left on my head. I have had my dreads for about ten months now, what is left of them anyways. It is impossible for me to let go completely. About a month ago I brushed out most of the dreads at the back of my head, since they formed a beaver tail.

I am definitely rocking the natural hair to dread combo it seems, and I love it. Access to my scalp when itchy, but natural hair elastics whenever needed. There is also a certain beauty I find in looking at a matted up piece of hair compared to naturally flowing straight locks. I have pretty much let them do whatever they want for the last six months, and even though my tips are as wavy as anything((its their personality ^__^)) they are incredibly locked up at the roots. Neglect goes a long way, if you give them a little push start ^__^

Here is a highlight of my dreads from beginning to now

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Okay, I've had my dreads for 7 months and I only wash them once a week. I know after a certain time people you can wash them every other day, I just never do. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to washing my hair so infrequently?
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Plead the FIF!

The community background.

I finished the background but I'm not sure how I feel about it. So I'm asking your opinion. Don't worry, I won't feel bad if you don't like my design. I'll leave this up for a week and whichever wins is the new background.

So please vote if you have a moment.

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