February 16th, 2005

evil monkey

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so i started my new dreadies on the 25th of january. so that means it has been.. um.. 2 and a half weeks.. ish. so i thought it would be a nice time to show how there progressing, maybe get some advice on what to do, words of encouragement, haha.

i think there coming along nicely. as compared to my last ones, haha.


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I was so bored that I collected some pics of my locks and made my own timeline thing.
Kinda. Just.. it's okay, I guess. Ehm. Yeah.
There are a lot of pics behind that cut, just so you know. I warned you.

This is me, pre-dreads. I had straight hair, nothing curly about it.

My dreads were born 9th October, 2002 :)

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Hilly xx
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Has anyone used Knottyboy's locking gel? What makes it worth the price? From what I've read, it contains Vitamin E and hempseed oil, but I'm not aware of their ability to accelerate or strengthen the locking process.

I've been using $3-5 12 oz. bottles of aloe vera gel (mixed with a little lemon juice) for a while now, and it has worked well for me. I'm aware of the need for the various ingredients--how do you think it gets into gel form in the first place, and stays that way?--so unless Knottyboy's gel is made of strictly aloe vera (which suggests to me a short lifespan), I'm left wondering why it's any better than the cheap stuff.

un question!

ok i've had my dreadies for like almost 9 months...and my hiar doesn't seem to grow at all.. anyone else? cuz when i didn't have dreads it grew as fast as a mofo...but now...nothing...blah...i really want them longer but its taking so long to grow..*grrr*