February 17th, 2005

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so i havent washed my locks for like 2 months ands i did yesterday and i used burts bee's peppermint bar sosap thing, and a whole bunch of tips are not knotty anymore and it sucks
what can i o
i need some tips on my tips
thanks guys
luv n joy

a question

So i was wondering what you all thought/think about Tips? as in the ends of your hair?

Do you like them round and blunt?
Loose I.E. you havent dont anything to them to dread them up they just do their own thing?

I was just wondering everyones opinions on what they like better and why? people are ALWAYS telling me well when are you going to cut your loose tips off so your dreads get better? when are you going to dread your tips? arg frustrating.
So i thought i would ask you kids

I personally dig loose hair tips. I like the natural look to them.
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so i just got my dreds yesterday, and they turned out pretty sweet.
they're all different sizes and it's just all crazy. i'm letting my friends claim ownership of one of my dreds and they can decorate it and shit, like a billboard, i will sell myself!

posting pictures as soon as i get my camera back. =D

the roots seem sorta loose though and they're all really waxy.
how long should i wait before i take a shower?
and how do i get the roots tight?
scratch nose

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Okay, well jaki is away on AIM so I hope Im not treading on her mod responsibilities-


Im going to grab all the pictures posted here tonight at Midnight (EST) and send that finished image jaki's way. Dont know if it'll end up being the background, but I want to give everyone a chance to get in there just in case.

Also, if you are able to pick an image that is one of your face in the middlish of the photo, that would work best. Im trying really, really hard to get everyones faces in there- but its proving to be difficult with some of the pictures (i.e. faces off to the side etc.)
also, dont post the picture as a comment, post the link to the picture- it'll be easier that way.

thanks guys :)

Okay, comments closed- yayyy


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Hi everyone.
I have some more questions. Has anyone used KB's Pepermint cooling spray? I've got the itchies BAD and I'm wondering if it does what it says it will. Or is there anything else I can use instead that's around my house or a store?
Anything. Please. haha.
And in personal preference, which is the best brand of shampoo to use? I've heard KB's is the best but people were saying Suave works too? And that's really really cheaper and easier to get ahold of. Or if there are any cheap online organic type stores that work even better?
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i know we already passed the "dreads and animals" theme, but i took these today, and they're too funny to resist.

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