February 18th, 2005

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Frizzy -after a wash- dreads

If there are people in here with family members or friends who think that dreadheads have filthy dandruff scalps, you may now kick their ass :)

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Hilly xx
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Hey guys, I need help with a problem that could seriously cause me to cut my dreads............I've had my dreads for like 6yrs........In the beginning I would wash them occasionly but over the past year or 2 I go months without washing them.

My problem is I need a good shampoo to wash my dreads. On the lining of my hair such as the front of my hair line, the back top of my head, and the neck hair line I get sores. When I wash them they get irritated. I once had them before when I just had long hair but they went away but now that I have had dreads......they came back probably a cple years ago but I just lived with it.

I'm looking for a good shampoo and something to help them out? anyone ever experienced this with or without dreads?

Let's me know............I'm seriously going to cut them soon though........it will be a sad day ............ =(
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Okay, I didnt get a chance to post when the theme was pets, so Im going to do it now.
We have three cats- all pictured here.
This one is the Professor- a minute before these were taken he was cuddling with me and purring and happy as could be. The moment matt grabbed the camera though he tried to get away. We love him so he eventionally suceeded, but not before taking a few pictures. aw, he's so cute when he's frazzled and fluffy.

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Whats Happeninggg??

So, my hair has been dreaded for about 7 months now but it shrunk like crazy! I posted after a couple moths and said it shrunk but i figured that was normal cause i onlt lost about an inch or 2. But now I feel like I've lost about 5 or 6 inches! Did it all just break off? This cant be good lol and now all my ends are crazy loose.


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where can a gal like myself purchase some henna dye?
i think i want to dye my dreads.

i'll be dreading my older sister's hair this weekend; it's going to be a happy dreadfest.
lots of movies
lots of caffeine
lots of dreads.
i can't wait.

i cut about an inch off of the bottom layer of my hair today because my hair was growing into a mullet-ish thing, which isn't too cool with me.
i am very happy with my decision.

i was going to take pictures..but..i can't seem to find my mother's camera.. she must have hidden it from me.
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Got my first 'your dreads rock' today. It's about time I got a reallife compliment.

Anyway, some eyecandy (hahaha). I'm not wearing a shirt, but that perhaps only diminishes the overall goodness. Worksafe though.

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few dread q's

i've had my dreads for about a month and a half. a friend of a fri3end helped me, and she used to do dreads at a salon. she told me to fold up about the last quarter inch of the loose ends of the dread, and then fold them into each other again, and rubber band them. i figured she knew what she was talking about, so i went right ahead and did that.

now about a month later, i feel like nothing's changed on those tips, but i can't really take the bands out cause now the tips are kinked, bent, and mis-shapen so so badly. i don't know if i should try to straighten them out, keep them banded, or what.

also, i'm worried that since my dreads are only shoulder length they'll shrink up ALOT as they get older. i hear people with hair down their backs when they start end up with shoulder-length dreads. i don't want mine to shrink up into nothingness... is there anything i can do to keep them from doing this?

thanks in advance for any help ! !