February 19th, 2005

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I was wondering if someone would be able to answer a question for me.

The hubby and I sat down this morning and attempted to crochet some of the my loose hair into neighboring dreads, (because the Gods know I have about a ton of it) and the hair just slipped right out again like nothing had ever been done to it. They are still fairly new, is this something we have to wait until they are older to do, or maybe we were doing something wrong?.......

Just wondering. Thanks for any advice you might be able to give.
in love

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so yeah... i have not posted in awhile, but i think last time i did was when i had given myself crazy extensions, but i decided quickly after that that i hated them, and all i wanted was short dreads.
so i cut them off then, and the other day cut them even shorter.
i love the new haircut SO much
it's all shorty at the back, and long-y at the front.
y'know, sort of a reverse mullett. hahahaha
here goes:

i love my dreads so much. i was thinking the other day, about how if i had just let them grow when they started... by now i'd have dreads down to my knees.... wow. i'm so glad i don't.
i cut them all the time... i think it's neat... they don't look like anybody else's, and i LOVE that!
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on combining dreads

if you find that you have two thinner dreads next to each other & want to combine them, the best way to do it is to run a small tool - the back (not the hooked end) of a crochet hook, a pencil, a small screwdriver, depends on the size you need - up the dread you like better, then thread the tip of the lesser-liked dread into a big-assed carpet needle (those loose tips really help here - can't do this with a blunt, round tip), & sew it right down into the first dread. it's like doubling your knots in younger sets of dreadlocks, & if you do it right, you can't tell that the two dreads were ever separate.

suffice it to say, i now have 27 instead of 29 dreadlocks in my 'hawk. i'd initially made some smaller ones on top, thinking i'd want more volume of hair, but have decided against it after seeing how the back has been knotting. one on the right i threaded directly into another; the one towards the left was ripped in two down half its length (pull, then snip a tiny bit with scissors, then pull some more), clipped off, & the two halves were threaded into two separate locks on either side of the original. (i couldn't thread that one directly because it would have made too wide a base on either side.)

so there's some semi-coherent information if you want to combine dreadlocks. i can draw pictures if anyone is interested in seamlessly combining locks but is confused in my description. this method works a thousand times better than roping them together with twine, or waiting for the roots to combine & ending up with a big forked lock - unless, of course, you want a forked lock. :D

(for those who can't do without pictures, here are links to my most recent photo posts: the pets theme week, with my snake; my first animated gif, dreadlock style; action shot & dreadhawk. enjoy.)

dread wrap anyone?

hey kids , i have a sweet dread wrap
designed by miss phunkybrewster.
i wanted to pass it along to
someone who would love it.

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i paid near $30 and wore it 2 times maybe
make an offer :)

i hope this post doesn't offened , i
just hated to give it to goodwill cause
they'd have no clue what to do with it -
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