February 24th, 2005


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hello, my name is becca

i, unfortunately, have a :edit:unwanted reader:end edit:
so i keep my journal mostly locked
and i know that turns some people away...

but really, i'm a pretty groovy gal

and i'm looking for:
forward thinking,
individuals for my friends list that will

rant and rave,
offer up new views and
original ways of thinking.

if you fall into these descriptions
please add me and i will be quick to add you back

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i know plenty of people here in GUDU don't use knottyboy, or even any products at all, but i was shocked by how GREAT their tightening gel smells. i opened the jar and the the scent of lime filled the room. now my head smells so delicious.

snow day

well, seeing as the snow means i can't go climbing, i'm playing on the electric internet instead. so here is a photo for your viewing pleasure (i really am wearing clothes, i just look a bit half naked)

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dreads are 9 months old now, and looking kind of wild and messy.

they are coming back

so i put one dread in my hair and of course that one tempted me to put more in. so now i have about 10 that i have placed randomly around. i think i am going to put in a few and then let the rest come in themselves. i have straight thin hair and it would take years for it to dread. so i am going to push them a little into growing like i did last time. except this time i am going to have a bunch of little ones instead of having less than 30 big ones. i am so excited to get them back. i have missed my babies.

i am still on a job search though. just a question.. what kinds of jobs does everyone have? and what kind of difficulties has everyone faced with finding and/or keeping a job with dreads?

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Ok. What I want to ask is not lack of patience on my part, I PROMISE! *giggle* I was playing around with my hair tonight while watching the tele and was kind of twisting my hair....when I got up to use the restroom, I looked in the mirror and my short hair was in these little twisty spikes. SO, I grabbed a comb and a little chunk of hair and started back combing some random sections. In the top back part of my hair (which is about 3 inches long) I got some knotty spikes. In the front (which is about 4-5 inches long) I was able to get some downward spiking knots. I am saying knots because I know they are technically not dreads.
Do you dreadies think it would be possible to dread parts of my hair while it this short? I really liked the way it looks. And since I wear my hair spiky anyway right now as I am growing it, it would kind of help keep it from getting on my nerves. I don't know if it is too short to hold a dread or not. But is it possible to dread your hair short and then grow them out as long dreads?

I am kind of excited about this idea. I am eager to hear what you all think.
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