February 25th, 2005

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I would just like to introduce myself..I'm Dave and tell all of you how much I admire and respect you and your lovely locks. They are truly beautiful! I have found my hair knotting up and getting nappier day by day over the past few months. I used to have an afro, hehe those days are surely gone now. Without the use of a comb it has taken on a mind of its own. I believe I am finally ready to journey down that nappyroad! I couldn't be anymore happier. Trust the universe, and respect your hair...that's what I say. Why fight it, if this was meant to be I will simply let it happen ;)

Some of my curls are still goin strong, but the entire back of my head has matted and knotted up. It has all happened naturally i would say over the course of 6 months...I have put rubberbands in near the roots to keep them seperate. I wanted to ask you all....did your hair or scalp ever hurt from using rubberbands. I've already loosened a few, it seems to be workin for now. Also, do you recommend anything to get rid of some itchys??

Here's a picture of my hair before the knots appeared:

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Much thanks for takin the time to read!
Peace, Locks, and Nappyness to you all.
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Last night a friend and myself were talking. I was telling him how unhappy I am with my current locks. I told him I didn't like them because they're too short, uneven and I just don't enjoy them. He got upset and started to yell at me.

"Of course you don't love your locks, you did them, they aren't natural, they aren't even real dreadlocks, they're just knots of hair that you didn't let grow naturally, your dreads will never be as good as mine, rahrahrharhahrhar....pishsihdishds"

Whatever, this went on for quite sometime, I didn't really mind it, because if I don't like something, I usually ignore it.. until he said:

"You give hippies a bad name, you poser!"

I was in shock and asked him as to why he could say such a thing.

"You don't smoke pot, you don't have true dreadlocks, you're basically straightedge and you listen to crust music."

I laughed at him, I always looked up to him and always wished that I could be as wise as him.. I told him how a hippie doesn't have to listen to a special kind of music, doesn't need to do drugs, and doesn't need to have 'true dreadlocks'.. Being a hippie to me is being okay with yourself, doing what you like to do and loving every minute of it. Being able to express your own opinion and listening to others, doing what you think is right, and living your life the way you please. If I want dread extentions, i'll get them. If you don't like it, it's alright, you aren't the one who has to live with it.

So, what does being a hippie mean to you?

peace love and then some!

p.sssssssss the oatmeal bath made the itch go away and i feel a lot better, and if anyone around here is into the fake hair market, letttt meee know, i have some questions.

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Just had this fantastic converstation with my mate who is studying chemistry at uni... Its basically about the time he swabbed some Dreads to see how much bacteria they contained by growing it on a petri dish,... I think you'll find the results fecking funny :D i did :D

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I hope it's still the silly theme week, or I've off and made a dick of myself in front of the camera again.

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My dreads are nearing the 7-month marker. The roots drive me buggy most days, I've given up trying to do anything with random loops, and I will not speak of the countless loose hairs. But I can't pull most of them apart with my fingers, a good omen I say. It's often frustrating because it's out of control, but if I get a few good angles on my head, I can see the very lovely matty back and I decide everything is.. coming along.