February 26th, 2005

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Two new things for my dreads today!
Well, my dreads have been all natural. The only work I've done on them is the occasional seperation that I didn't always keep up on. heheh. So, today, I cut some hair to make my two-at-the-tip-one-at-the-base two seperate entities! I was totally paranoid and sure they'd fall out! (I know, I'm crazy...)But they're both alive and well. Mission accomplished!

The other thing!: I live with an amazing person. He and I have both saved each other from pretty harsh situations and have stuck through A LOT of rough times together. I love him with all my heart, and I KNOW he the same for me. My best friend. Ever. Well, he used to have a BEAUTIFUL head of gorgeous crustie punk dreads that I adored. Although I didn't know him then, I've seen so many pics of him trainhopping across the country with his dreads flappin' freely...So, tonight, we sewed one of his brown and purple dreads into mine! My dreads are about midback length, but this one stretches almost to my butt! It's such a wonderful addition.

Anyway, I was so excited, I just had to share with people I knew who would understand! Sorry I'm a big nerd.
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I have a quick question and I'm sorry if its been asked before... but I'm looking for some good dreadie products for my fiances dreads. He's had them for about two years, keeps them in rubber bands, uses bees wax and wraps them occasionally. They've locked nicely but he really wants something to hold them better and keep his frizzies down. I was looking at the products on that Knotty Boy site and was wondering if anyone has tried their stuff before and if its worth getting?

I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, I'm like half asleep as I type this, lol.

Thanks, lovelies.
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Hello everyone! I'm Jessica, 22yrs old and currently reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My dreadies are a year and a half old. I just joined the community and wanted to introduce myself. Hope I get to make some good friends that won't say "Eww, I just don't see how you can do that to your beautiful hair."

Until then...xoxo

silly faces!

Being given the finger and funny faces are silly!

This got taken last weekend at a show. I found this while cleaning out my camera card. Hilarity at its finest!

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Happy Birthday To My Dreads

My dreads are 1 year old today! I started them a year ago, really, and finished within a few days. I sadly don't really have many pictures from the first few months because I wasn't in this lovely community then. But I have compiled a timeline as best I could, and tried to find some pictures you haven't seen before. But some of them are repeats.

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How often do you wash your dreads???

and what shampoo do you use if any??

ive been getting sort of dandruff+dry scalp and apparently its cos my shampoo is too harsh (its tea tree but apparently it can be harsh on sensitive skin such as mine). so i got a new nice herbal shampoo today from some cool herbal medicine shop and some anti dandruff serum stuff. so i'm gonna see how it goes. but i dont wanna end up washing it too frequently, i should probably do it more frequently than i already do but i dont want them to end up going shitty!!!

thanks for any help :D
and i will post some pics soon !!
peace xxx