February 28th, 2005


Kumbh Mela

"SHORT CUT TO NIRVANA is an award-winning documentary about the Kumbh Mela, the oldest, greatest, most fascinating festival on Earth.

The Kumbh Mela also happens to be the biggest gathering in human history, attracting 70 million people!"


I post this because I just saw this movie about the Kumbh Mela and it was a fantastic! I think many here would enjoy it as well.

Not to mention there were SO MANY DREADLOCKS.

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A single red rose

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This week's theme is: Get Up Dread Up Signs!

Find creative ways to send your personalized message to get_up_dread_up. Hold up a sign, spell it out in leaves, make a banner in photoshop... we don't care how. Just send us a sign.

Credit to oliphont for the idea from this post.

I swear to God the background is coming. I'm so lazy, forgive me.

moe & yonder mountain string band

i went to the moe & yonder mountain string band concert on saturday. it was sold out. we tried to get four of our friends tickets and we could only find one extra. it was pretty bad. promo west was packed. i saw so many people with dreads there. i am so happy and excited that i am getting mine back. i really missed the way my dreads bounced around when i danced.

if anyone gets a chance to see them in concert.. i highly recommend it. :) it was worth the money
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... c'est moi... i've been myspace whoring so no time for LJ... and so i thought i would like to post dist for you guy's i've had my dreadies for almost two years *whooot*

<3 emo hearts <3

Casey Fizzle
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kicks up


What's Up Ya'll ?

My name is Alicia and I've been locking for almost two years..I never looked back...ONCE

I just joined this community a week ago, and I really enjoy the pictures that I see of all the dread heads out there. It's esp. good to see that there are caucasians who believe in embracing their individuality...I just wanted to leave u with that..

p. s. Did anyone read tha article on Bob Marley in the latest rolling stone ? It was a good one. I did not know that Marley had a white father. And I'm supposed to be Rasta ! lol


I'll be posting again s00n. <3

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okay, i know all of you are totally into the whole photography and photoshop thing...i was wondering if photoshop elements is a waste of my time compared to the full photoshop. does it have way more features and things like that? please help :)
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so i saw this band bloodsimple at JAXX in springfield sunday
they opened for candiria, american head charge, and otep
they = fucking amazing
but the bassist had really long awesome dreads
and after the show he pointed to me and said hi
it was so awesome

quess which one

try to pick up their LP or their EP coming out at the end of march

pvc pipe
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Dred Tams

So, I'm looking into knitting/crocheting a tam (well, getting a friend who knits/crochets to do it).
Do ya'll know any great patterns online that you like a lot?