March 1st, 2005

get over you


hey all, i have always admired dreads on others, and i would LOVE to have them myself, but i've always been reserved about it...

i was wondering, is there any kind of hair that's better for it than others? i have really fine and thin hair, so i'm afraid that if i dreaded my hair it would look sort of sad.

does anybody have any advice for me?
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So, my friend who has had dreads for about 3 years told me to wrap up some of my looser dreads with string. She said some of her tightest dreads were wrapped up. So I was going to do it tonight and I was also gonna wash my hair......

and here is the question:

Should I wrap them before or after I wash my hair?

Question #2:
What are some good tips for dreadlock care when your camping or at a dirty, hot festival like bonnaroo?

I'm going camping in Flordia soon (next weekend) and I'm going to Bonnaroo in June (and probably a couple other festivals). In the years past I just kept getting my head wet to stay cool and stay (semi) clean, but I didn't have dreads any tips?

dreadlocked fever

alright, this might be silly, but it's been irking me for a while and i wanted to hear what you guys think.

in the past i have heard people with dreadlocks talking to other people about dreads, and it sounds like theyre selling them. it's somewhat like this "omg you should totallllly get dreadlocks...we can be dread friends". when in reality, the person hasnt expressed a want for dreadlocks, but has merely brought them up.

while i LOVE the feeling of community i get being around folks with dreadlocks, i really feel like in times like these we are selling them.
another instance was someone i know with dreadlocks saying "yeah, xyz is cool enough, i think it's ok if she gets dreadlocks"

ive also had a friend of mine exclaim to another friend who wanted to dread her hair that if she did she would be "copying saruh". another strange sentiment that turns hair into an elitist club. it makes it seem like dreads are just a style to everyone which i know is not always the case.

i think it's a little bizzarre to say to someone "oh man you should dread your hair!" when they havent even expressed an incling to do it.

wowza...rant. im not sure i portrayed this correctly, and it is a bit of a complaint, but i was just honestly wondering what you guys all think...if you want me to clarify, give a holler.
have a lovely day
the clothesline of cold eyes

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mmmm so it's been about 2 weeks since i've had my dreads and i'm really liking how they're turning out.

i haven't been too insane about keeping them up, i've only waxed a few times since i've gotten them and i occasionaly tie in a loose hair.

the only problem i'm really seeing is that my roots are kinda loose compared to the dread... but i keep rubbing the root on my scalp and hopefully they'll knot up in time.
everyone has been really supportive about them, and i'm getting a lot of positive feedback which makes me love them even more! i'm really finding them a lot easier and they're really staying together well, except for the roots. other than that they're amazing...

but what are some easy ways to get your roots tight?

and as soon as i get my camera back i'll have some sweet pics up =P

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Dreads are feeling überhappy.
I cleaned up my frizzy roots + loose hairs the other day by a good solid hour of needling.
Tips are GREAT and getting rounder & rounder by the day.
Seems like they've finally started growing again. Yay!
Happy locks equals happy moi :):)

hilly xx
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