March 5th, 2005

dread dance

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Okay people, so I wanted to dye my dreads. But i hear those chemical fumes are bad news when you gotta bun in the oven. and i got a lil bundle of joy on the way! :cheesy mom grin:

SO i turned to 100% organic Henna hair color. it's temporary, but whatever..

it smells, looks, and feels SO much like poop that its a little freaky, but my problem with it, is that it turned my hair GREEN instead of brown. can you believe it? i mean, it was green coming out of the box, but i had no idea..

anyway, this is what my hair looked like this mornin

Image hosted by

and here's my experience with Henna and cut for photos...
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well, thats it for now. love you guys!!
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Off topic..but there must be people here into either of these scenes

There is something i have noticed recently...

There isnt a community for the UK surf scene or a community for the UK psy trance scence...

I have just created 2 new communitys to bridge this gap :)

for the uk surfers... uk_surfers

And for the UK psy trance scene... uk_psytrance

Feel free to join whichever one suits your needs (if it indeed suits any needs!)

And bear with me while i create and Pimp them out ;)

Also feel free to join my existing community ilovesurferbois Which is a fun community for people who like drooling over cute surfer boys or happen to be a cute surfer boy :D

X posted :)
till the clouds clear

Soft locks? i have the FEAR.

One of my freinds dreads snapped the other day.. there is this suspicion that it was dry/brittle.
I bleech and dye the hell out of my was screwed before i dreaded it and locking itup is probably the only reason its hanging in there.
Live and learn!
but im stubborn and like having white dreads... i am tempted to go for a dirty assh blonde if all else fails ^^ opinions maybe? but anyway.. ((i work nights so please please forgive rambling))

Brittle Snapping dreads.. i dont want... Solutions?

I did a half assed google for products to sooth puppy tails but everyone seems to sell stuff to make your dreads tighter. I dont want them any tighter. I infact want them a lil looser. Stay away from oils/conditioners blaah blaah for tightening.. the opposite must be what im looking for.
I might be totally wrong here.

Has anyone ever made a conditioner for thier locks? or know of.. + i dont want dreads to smell like ppermint either.

Im thinking! a little Vannila essential oil mixed with water? and some other goodies mixed in that you can find around the avergage family kitchen ^^ put in a nice spray and tadah! homebrew.

It might not help any, but it cant do much harm.
Input me please? i would be undoubtidly valumptously gratefull :) x
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how do you guys feel about dish soap? my friend who did my dreads said its a good way to keep your oils down (i have VERY oily hair)?? well any-whos just trying to find a cheep way of taking care of my babies. :)
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scratch nose

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I found a bar of Dr. Bronners "All-One hemp peppermint pure-castile soap". Anyone know how'd it be on my hair?
It smells great, but has tons of oils and stuff in the ingredients.

and on another note- Ive finally had documentation of the newish (its been a month or two) way that I can pull my hair back:

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Hello everyone. I just joined, thought I'd post a few pictures. I've always been fascinated by dreads, but have never thought to put them on my own head. I have a friend who has dreads that are about 9 months old now. They look amazing on her. She inspired me to grow my own babies. So three days ago, I started forming my dreadlocks. Here are the pictures.



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fred says LOOK!

Crossed Posted. Here me shout as I clear my throat

I'm sitting at Winston's place. Stretched my right ear, that inch is coming, and I thought you couldn't add length to your body....

Size does matter, no matter what the ladies say, longer, thicker, bigger is BETTER....

I've been laughing, trading stories, played poker with chips even. The sun is out, and I'm fully electric. Alex is attacking the blinds, as Rasta attempts to set up a game for his grandchildren. The smile is free, the motion and vibe is cheaper.


I collected photos from last summer, hanging out with the Spot's crowd. Chris took them, while the daughter and I hung out. Damn my eyes are red, slited and heavy. If you didn't know better you'd have thought I was with her, as in inserting my dick into her body. I'm happy to announce my dreads are grown back, I'm loaded and LOC'ED. One dread has tree'd already.
almost a half an inch thick.

as the name states.


if I can't do nothing else. I dread well.

Fear me. Cause I am alive.

one day, I'll post pictures of my bald head.
till then, make your own from the words I preach. Don't take offense though if you're not a n a t ural dread. I don't hate even if your dread might be plastic or matted....

"what in the hell are you waiting for. after me there will be no more"
Jay Z

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I know a few people in the community were discussing knottyboy tightening gel and wondering if they should try it, so I wanted to make a public service announcement of sorts. :-)

I got mine and tried it yesterday - it smells really good, and it did help with some specific problems I was having with loose hair. It didn't do a whole lot for the roots or any such thing. I like it a lot, but there does seem to be one caveat. I didn't use very much at all - but it still made my hair a bit crunchy and dingy. The locks are pretty stiff this morning - and I'm not sure that is going to be conducive to the movement you need to get the hair to knot up. Perhaps it would be a good remedy to use sparingly when you are really exasperated with the fuzzies - because there are definitely few fuzzies left afterwards.

What can I say? I'm a product whore. heh. I'm having too much fun exploring different things with my hair at the moment. I'm sure I'll get over it.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.