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[06 Mar 2005|07:11am]
just a question. what have you put in your hair? like I have beads and ive put in string, even had a skelleton key off one wrap it was cool. so what do you put in your hair if you do. like favorite bead or other things.
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[06 Mar 2005|09:12pm]
I just moved from machteloos to ahotride :) Just wanted to let you guys know..and I secretly would like to have some dready friends, so if you don't have problems with it you can add me :)

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hello. [06 Mar 2005|10:10pm]
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My name is Lonna and i joined this community like 3mos. ago. i didnt have any pictures at the time so i didnt post much..but anyways..this is me.
i live in shepherdstown wva with my wonderful boyfriend and we both work at the co-op in fredrick, md. life is good right now, so i felt like posting and saying hey'.

LonnaDreads LonnaDreads

one year and 5 mos. with dreads..

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Hello, I'm new! [06 Mar 2005|11:39pm]
I have had my dreadlocks for over 2 years now. I have to be honest: I don't take good care of them, mostly ignore them. I basically got them because I was tired of having to wash my hair all the time, and comb it so often. It's much easier now :p

I mostly decided to become a member here because I'm extremely bored tonight :)

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