March 14th, 2005

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so i have had my dreads for a couple weeks now and it feels like my roots are a little lose, i cant seem to make them any tighter w/ my should i use rubber bands.. or another methoed?

p.s. after a shower do i have to worrie about making aure there totlay dry..i like just letting them dry, but i dont want to grow mold.
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i was jsut sitting here playing with my hair and chilaxing by myself, when it dawned on me that i havent shared with anyone my happy news of the weekend.
i can tie my hair back with my hair now. i have been looking forward to this day for a while.
yeah for me.
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I need help with my semester long project on alternative forms of beauty!

Okay so by now I think a bunch of you have heard that I'm doing a semester long project that is a combonation of writing and photography on the topic of dreadlocks, piercings and tattoos. I'm not looking for photographs (it all has to be my own photography) however I do need your guys help. If anyone has links to any information about the history of dreads that would be great. More importantly I need information from you guys.

If you choose to answer I need to know this stuff:
-name as you wish it to appear in the article should i choose to use information you give me
-how long have you had dreads for?

These are the major questions:
-why is are your dreads important to you?
-why did you choose to go through this process?
-how do you feel your life has changed since?
-what do you want to say to those who don't approve of your dreads?

These are more minor questions:
-what was the experience of getting your dreads like?
-do you notice other people with dreads on the street? what are your personal interactions like?
-are you more or less attracted to other people with dreads?
-do your friends have dreads?
-feel free to add any other information that you want

If you have piercings or tattoos feel free to answer the above questions in regards to those as well. (Please quickly describe your peircings or tattoos when answering).

Thanks alot! Feel free to ask if you have any questions, or add anything... just respond below!

And to add a little photographic flair to this post....

Image hosted by
My obligatory dorm-room self portrait.... how many of these do I have?
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