March 15th, 2005

the clothesline of cold eyes

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ahhh so its been about 3 weeks or a month since i've gotten my dreads in?
yes they're righteous. they carry a lot of dandruff and i find that fun in a grotesque way. just like the way i'm enjoying taking 2 minute baths instead of taking 10 minutes to brush out my fucking hair in the shower!

They're all sorta funny looking though...
I have mega curly hair so a lot of the dreads are curly except at the ends..
how the hell do i make this go away?
hahaha. well hopefully they do.
and pretty soon i'll be getting a pic of them up, they're lookin pretty sweet according to myself. woo hoo!

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so yea, i cut my dreads. i dont know why. i just needed change. i still have six of them in, but the rest of my head is short. its crazy. ill have pictures this weekend.