March 20th, 2005

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My little sister Leanna and I were talking tonight about how she didnt like brushing or styling or washing her hair and I recomended that she start natural dreadlocks. My parents wouldnt be down with their 14 year old daughter getting a head full of dreadlocks but theres a pretty big chance that they wouldnt notice if she just stopped brushing her hair. Plus at a certain point if they did notice their only other option would be to have her cut her hair which is another sort of extreme hair style so its possible they would choose to just let her continue with the dreadlocks.
Anyway, one thing led to another and she asked if we could do one dreadlock in her hair in the back so it wasnt too noticable but she could see how she liked it. Plus I think she likes the idea of just having one.
I had her wash her hair with my hair soap and then sectioned it off and started in. Ive waxed it a bit and put rubber bands at the root and the tip- and for the night I wrapped it with twine which we'll take out in the morning so its less noticable.
Anyway, I took the ceremonial dreadlock birthday photos and thought Id share them with you all.

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Dreads and the Radio

hey this isnt TOO dread related...besides the pic but here goes anyways:
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for everyone outside of Utah, USA. You can get live streaming audio on the website listed above. Thanks ha
hope everyone that listens will enjoy.
Dreadlove dreadies
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I have a few questions regarding dyed dreads. My mom is making me dye my hair back to brown for my brother's bar mitzvah (I know, it's lame, and I'm going to do everything humanly possible to avoid it,) but just in case she succeeds, I'd like to know how much it's going to damage my hair if I redye it blue, or some other color, after the mitzvah. The last time I dyed it was about a month ago when I bleached it and then dyed it mom thinks she's giving me some kind of brown rinse for this weekend (who in hell knows...) and then I want to bleach my hair again soon after and dye it blue, or perhaps a different color. Is this going to kill my hair? Is it possible to kill hair when it's already in dreads? Is this going to kill my dreads?

ok, help me

i was wondering about short hair dreading. i had dreads for about 5 monthes and then had to cut them off because i was very deperate for a job..ect. well my hair has been growen and the front parts of my hair are about 3-4 inches long. i was thinkin about putting a couple thin dreads in the bang area at the front of my head. im not afraid of them falling out because my hair is pretty thick/dry/course.i was wondering what all you kind dreadies thought of this and if you had any suggestions...thanx kids!
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beads trade

a couple people have written looking for those beads i was swapping, so here they are again. & i found a couple new ones to trade, too.

i had too much fun writing crap all over the jpeg. holler if anyone wants to trade.

a question from the back of the classroom.

hey, i read the memories entry on aloe vera...but what exactly do you aloe vera users do? take the leaf off the plant and squeeze out the insides then rub into your dreads?

will this help with dry hair? my hair is getting really dry. i've never had such dry hair before. so any information on aloe in dreads would be nice. please!