March 22nd, 2005

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my boyfriend is forming a natural dread mullet. (we're going to be a dread couple. i've always wanted to have a dreaded boyfriend<3) anyway, what are some things you have to do for natural dreads? thanks.

by the way, everyone has been so hot lately. damn you!

procrastination post!

So i know a buncha weeks ago i posted in here about going to TO. And i don't think i saw a single dreadhead. :( well other than insidedown.  So since i didn't see any other dreadheads </span>here's a picture of her and I! it's a bad pic of my dreads because i had them up. :P

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But i might be up again later in april! So who knows, perhaps i'll see some of you then!

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this might have been asked before, but i was on dreadheadhq and they said just dab a little bit of lemon juice on your scalp to stop itching and i didn't see anything about tightening up dreads or making them smell better with it and ive heard you guys mention it tons of times that it does help. if i dilute it and spray some on, would i just spary it on the dreads? or just the scalp? or both? and how often could i do it without it killing my hair? as well, how much water to juice ratio would i use? (i'm not so good with the whole estimating measurments thing)
thanks a ton, you guys rock! :)

p.s. sorry for all the questions, but i know you guys all know the answers! lol
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