March 24th, 2005

i know i kinda asked this once

But are there any dreadheads in the Athens, GA area? Or am I all alone here in the downward spiral of blonde sorority hotties in flouncy skirts and emo trendies? Is there any one around here like me?
<3 Kacie
PS: I used to be on_with_stella but now im this. Yeah.
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Picnic Dreads

It's amazing how much my dreads have changed in the nearly month and a week that I've had them. It's so impressive. I'm really glad I stuck with them when they were wonky and crazy looking to the point where I have them now. I look forward to having my dreads around for a very long time.

This is me at a picnic last week with a few friends. We smoked, ate TONS of food, and relaxed for about three hours.

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long rambling intro post ahead...

hello, my name is Amelia and i am a dreadlock enthusiast.

umm a little bit about me: i'll be nineteen in a couple weeks and i still live with my parents, although i'll be moving out within the next couple of months. hmmm, oh, i live in Hawai'i.

unfortunately though, i do not have dreadlocks. but there are quite a few people in my town who do, and i figured it'd be good for me - i have long hair (like lower-middle back) and it falls out like crazy (haha not like alopecia, i'm not going bald). but i can't even put my hair down and back up without a bunch of hairs attaching to the back of my shirt or jacket or arm. it's flippin annoying.
so i had sort of an epiphany the other day and finally realized that dreading would keep all those little fuckers in their place.

so, now i'm here. i decided to join this community because the info page says it's not just for people with dreads, but 'dreadlock enthusiasts', which i definately am. and it looks like the most updated community with the least drama. :)

and i have a couple questions:
1. i know dreads love stray hairs, but do you think in the long run that those hairs would cause a problem? like maybe a dread falling out? (i don't have thin hair, btw)

and 2. does anyone know of a non-residue shampoo that you could just find at the grocery store, and not have to order it online?

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p.s. i'm sorry for rambling. if an lj-cut is warranted for the whole thing, i will fix it. :)
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(no subject)

One of my dreads got beheaded last night. ^^ It had a perfectly undreaded section in the middle, which had formed a lovely little wave. It could have continued being a deviant, except it was at eye-level with me, and attracted all sorts of bad attention.

Finally took the scissors, aimed, closed my eyes and snipped. I tied off the end and saved it. Some time down the road when my mom is snooping through my drawer of secrets she will come across it, yelp 'ew, ew!' and toss it in the trash.

Some photos of course.

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(no subject)

Definitely off topic, but I have a hunch y'all will come through with some good suggestions.

I leave tomorrow to fly out to Utah to see my sister. She's in the Air Force, and Tuesday, she deploys to Iraq.

She and I have never been close, but considering the fact that this may be the last time I see her, I'd like to bury the hatchet (or at least toss it in the closet for a bit). I'll only get to see her for a few days, and hopefully we'll manage to sort out some of the rifts in our relationship.

I plan to leave her with a letter and hopefully, a book. I need to find a book that explains why what Bush is doing to the country, the world, the environment, and women is... wrong. Or problematic. Or worrisome. I want to give her something that can give her an opportunity to see where I'm coming from; to understand why it upset me so much that she enlisted; and why it scares me so much that she's on her way over to Iraq.

I hope to explain this in my letter, but I'd like to give her something that explains a bit more and gives her something to think about.

Any ideas?
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So I have been in Costa Rica for the last 13 days (I go home tomorrow, and I am very happy for this, which I am sure surprises most people but this trip has been more business than pleasure). Finally after about 7 months of not brushing my hair my little dreadies were dipped into both the Pacific ocean and the Carribean Sea. Boy do they love me for that. I had my first encounter with a rastafarian and after asking me what my dreads meant to me, he told me that he thinks all white people with dreads are just trying to be black. Humph. Screw that noise. Oh well. If any of you want to see the most amazing mass of dreadheads go to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Locals (Ticos), residents, and tourists alike....soooooo many dreads! I actually saw a girl who I think might be in this community. So if you were in Puerto Viejo this last week (I saw her Tuesday and Wednesday) let me know! Just thought I would write seeing as how dreads have been on my mind lately. Much love to all...Tai

Does this ever get easier?

So I've had my dreads now for about 20 months, and they still require tons of work. I recognize that they take less work than a year ago, and they look slightly better (but only slightly), and I was just wondering, when does this become easier?

Will there ever be a time when I won't have to mess with them so much?

All my pictures look the same

but I know you all like pictures, so whatever. Besides, I've got a question.
I think this will only apply to those of you with dreads that are at least six months old, and also ones that are fairly thick. Anyway, I stopped combing my hair about two years ago. I wash it every week or two and I havent always blow-dried it and so sometimes it would be wet for a day and a half or something like that. I didnt really keep track of the whole thing. Well, anyway, I noticed recently that it smells kinda gross after its been washed, and if its wet. I started blowdrying it to make sure it doesnt get moldy and because I thought it would make the smell go away. Anyway, it hasnt really gone away, its just a little more subtle. No one notices it, but it's freaking me out. It smells sort of sweet, honey-ish if you will. UGH. I hate to even admit it but WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Now, I have tried all sorts of shampoos, ones without any smells or additives, dr. b's, peppermint, tea tree oil, Aveda. ALL OF IT. That doesnt seem to matter. In fact, my favorite so far is Aveda. Well, maybe you can help me?
Oh, and I searched some of my giganto ones for mold and there isnt any. Yeah, that is probably an important thing for you to know, they are very thick. I have one that is almost as thick as my wrist. Most of them are only a bit smaller than that. Anyways, here are the pictures. They suck and I was getting irritated.

These pictures suck at showing you what I am working with!
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Well i went up into the Mountains of LA this weekend and it was soooo nice. It didnt seem like LA at all!

not a good pic of my deads but a pic none the less

peace out all

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Not much of a story but I just got from Itay for spring break. :) I had to take a plane from NY to London, then from London to Rome. When I was getting off the plane in London the flight attendant says in his cool accent that he liked my dreads. For some reason this completely made my day. I was afraid they wouldn't be accepted for some reason. Oh well, I'm happy!!

sissy here

Hey guys, I just joined and had a quick question!

I've always been interested in dreads(I just spent about 2 hours looking through all the picturs on here), but I know I love my straight blonde hair (sorry..I just can't help but like it) too much to dread my whole head. I was wondering, though, how bad does it look to have just one tucked away somewhere for the fun of it?

Also, if I *did* just put one do you go about it, and where'd the most un-noticable place (I don't want it to be like..BAM..there it is) to put one?

Just curious..thanks!

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