March 27th, 2005


if you've lost something tiny & shiny at my place, check my head, i might have sewn it to my dreads

so i've never used wax or anything really on my dreads at all...and now that they're getting longer, heavier i want to 're-inforce' them if i can...i use great conditioner/moisturizer to keep them as strong as possible, but if you have any suggestions, esp. for coloured hair that'd be great! my head is shaved all around and up to where the dreads start [to show off a tattoo] so i've been really careful when shaving, but have only had them about 4 or 5 years now and want to maximize their life...

me & my messy kitchen
me & my messy kitchen...i cook a lot, dammit :)
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New to being Natty

Hallo Hallo Hallo, My name is Kimmy-Kat and I am in the process of learning to love my newly forming locks. I started with 2 strand twists on like 1 inch of hair. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!! It became quite a chore, I had to leave it alone for almost a year and just let it grow. Now I am repairing the damage on my 4 inches of hair that is mostly locked. I am figuring it is time to stop with the wax sine they are mostly locked. Am I wrong? I only wash once a week atm, so I worry about buildup and things, but my hair comes loose about halfway down so I don't wanna wash too often. Any suggestions? anyone?
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hair growth suppliments...

Please help the dummy!

alright so im that brillent girl who ripped her front dread out with a lathe about 6 weeks ago... and i pulled most of the roots out of my scalp, more so than if u just plucked a hair out and u have the little top part of the root that came out... i wripped like quarter inch of my roots out and within six weeks i barely have any hair stubble at all... im still bald. i thought i would of had at least something! by now...

so does anyone know when you rip that much of the root out can it cause problems with your hair growning back ?... also will hair suppliments help??? the thing that freeks me out about them is that im worried if it makes your body hair grow at a faster rate or in places that u dont want it?!?! (haha its weird i know but it seems pretty lagit)... that would be horrible... any suggestions answers would be really appresiated!!!... im so sick of having to wear hats and head bands to cover my baldness =0 \

thanks to any help!
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