March 30th, 2005


totaly off topic.....but i need help

anybody in Newmarket and surrounding areas (this includes markham..oak ridges..aurora..and possibly T.O) I NEED YOUR HELP!!

this has nothing to do with dreads but......
today was such a beautiful day that i thought i would take my LongBoard for a spin.......first day out of the year.........
needless to say my LB is now 2 pieces.......and i am looking for a new/used one

if anybody has a longboard they are looking to seel or know of someone with one please contact me.......this is my time of need....short on cash and cant live without one! please help me

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i figured i might throw up another picture post. of me and my mean old cat! her name is piss the cat ... i know, its a mean name, but she has a horrid attitude problem, and only loves me on her terms. it started off as pissy and then went down to piss (or hiss), to which she responds very well too.

Image hosted by

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she can be nice sometimes, ... usually it has something to do with being fed.
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Hi there, im a dred-enthusiast. The only problemo:
i dont have any dreddies in my hed.

i would like them
but i dont want to do them myself, im afraid ill mess it up err something.

So im asking if anyone here could do dreds on me, or knows anyone who could start them off for me?

i currently live in providence ri, but im willing to drive.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!

peace, love jillian

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I went shopping for the first time in sooo long today, and i was in the Welsh capitol - Cardiff. I only saw TWO other girls with dreads, and i was in the usual 'alternative' areas. how odd.
i went inot H&M and they have two mirrors in the changing rooms so you can see the outfit from the is the first time ive seen my dreads from the back and they are ....dare i say....nice. they look cool and much better than they feel, teehee
anyway, hope you are all doing well, speak soon
Combat Rock

My VirGin HaiR

Hello...Just been lurking in this community looking at all the beautiful dreads:) Decided to join...I will be starting my journey through dreadhood soon...just hoping to learn a bit before i go for it...mabye backtrack on here to make sure I'm not asking what I'm sure has been asked before.
....I have definantly seen alot of inspiration for me here, looks like a great place to be:)
will post pics as it happens.

for now, here is the's got potential:)
(hope this cut works, I'm new at that part)
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springfield republicans

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What is a good length to dread hair? For example, I don't want to have an awful time dreading 3 foot long hair, but I don't want to look like Coolio either.

My hair is only about an inch long right now, and I'm definitely not doing it right away. I was just wondering how long I should wait.
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Hello all, I just joined this dready coomunity. I've been going natural for about 8 months or so and they have shrunk soooo much. I'm a student/vegetarian/skater. I'm looking forward to seeing all the yummie dreadie pictures.

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