March 31st, 2005


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You know it was a really good week when you go to wash your hair and the lather from your Dr. Bronner's is actually kinda dingy as you squish it through your dreads.

I don't know what got them really dirty... coulda been the skiing, coulda been the hiking, or the kayaking or the horseback riding or the riding of the atvs.

All I know is that my dreads are now clean, I'm sunburnt, and it was one helluva week.

Here's to all of you!

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hey all
I have a quick random question for all you dreadies and former dreadies alike in ljland.
I'm having my hair locked when its reached the length I want - where do you work?
lol told you it was random.

I want to get a grasp of what kind of jobs that others with dreads have so I can make the right decisions when I get my knots.


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Hey guys! My dreads are locking up super great! And I tried some of this Knotty Boy Tightening Gel; it works wonders! I got rid of tons of fuzzies and it smells amazing! Anyways, I was wondering, have any of you used this? How often should I use it? Since it says it's an alternative to tightening sprays, should I not use my spray (Water, lemon juice, and sea salt)? Or is it possible to use both? As well, do i put wax on after it, before it, or no more wax? Thanks a ton, you guys are so helpful! :)
oh yeah and here's some crappy webcam pics from a few days after i got them
and some from today :)


OK guys, say you absolutly had to cut your dreads for your University grad photo. How many weeks before hand would you cut your dreads off? Would you just do it the week before, or a few months before just to get used to styling it?

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