April 4th, 2005

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since there was such a rage of people wanting mood beads (see post: http://www.livejournal.com/community/get_up_dread_up/1716461.html), i've decided to make a trip to the store for anyone who wants them.

what you send me:
  • a strong return addressed envelope WITH postage - probably just $.60 or .83 if you're in the US. they're not heavy, but i'll need to send them with a little padding since they're glass, so don't send a paper envelope.
  • $2 per bead, & specify if you want short-&-fat, round, or tall-&-thin - i'm wearing the longest, thinnest ones. cash is fine if it's well hidden, & no, i'm not making any money on this, which explains the next item...
  • something interesting in thanks - a dread bead, a cool sticker, whatever.

    all requests must be received by april 19 - so if you mail out by the end of this week, you're certainly good to go. i'm putting a deadline on this to avoid becoming Bead Runner Girl because lazy people can't be pissed to put an envelope in the mail quickly enough. email me for my address. you're welcome. :D
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    Hmmm, inspired by a recent post

    I was reading through GUDU, and noticed that somebody was looking for flatmates. 'Hmmm,' I thought to myself 'that's rather clever! I'm looking for flatmates as well - maybe I should make a similar post'

    And so, with moments of reflection, I decided to do so.

    So I am.

    ***I'm looking for flatmates***

    Both my flatmates are moving out May 1st, and I'm looking for cool people to replace them. Male or Female, Queer friendly. Vegetarian or Kosher preferred, but not essential so long as you're respectful of other's dietary restrictions.

    It's a three-bedroom walk up flat in Portugal Village neighbourhood of The City. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, east facing balcony. Lounge room and kitchen. Near transit (Dundas line, College line, Ossington bus, 15 minute walk to subway) a laundromat, and entertainment (5 minute walk to both Queen W and Little Italy).

    Oh yes, and it's DIRT CHEAP. Larger room $310 plus utilities, smaller room $300 +. Rooms available May 1st. (possibly, but not probably earlier)

    Looking for cool, easy going people who can deal with living with GUDU's resident curmudgeon (I'm not that bad in real life, really!)

    E-mail or messenge me if you want to see the place.

    Cats (so long as they're clean, friendly, and you take care of 'em) are okay.
    Plead the FIF!

    I think I should edit this second rule slightly.

    Right now it says:

    2. NO SPAM.
    You know what spam is. However, community promos are fine as long as they are dread-related.

    I'm changing it to:

    2. No SPAM.
    You know what spam is. No community promos of any kind, especially rating communities. They make people cranky and cranky people email me. If you have a community that is dread related, contact at mod and it will be added to the list in the user info.

    This rules starts from this point onward.

    Also, if you really want to promote, contact me and we can start a promotion thread. That way, people can skim past if they feel like it. Sounds good?
    springfield republicans

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    I love the way dreads look when they're pulled back.

    So... post pictures of your dread "up-dos" or whatever you wanna call 'em.

    Just 'cause I wanna look at lots of pretty pictures in my e-mail.

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    New locks.

    Hey guys. I'm having a lot of trouble getting my dreads to start. I've had my friends back comb them and use beeswax on them, etc, and they turn out pretty decent but they only last for about a week. I'm seriously hoping it doesn't have something to do with my hair- which is, all sterotypes considered, far from the perfect hair for dreadlocking. It's board straight and very fine, but is fairly thick. And if you haven't guessed yet, I'm Caucasian. I read thru the memories but didn't find much help...If anyone who had similar problems can help me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

    Peace- Tara.
    Hold Me.

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    So i spent two weeks in Boston and NYC (along with various other insignificant towns). It was amazing, and i met alot more dreadies then i've found so far in metro Detroit. Problem is, i wash my dreads once a week, so i took my knotty boy bar with me... and left it in a hotel. So now my 3 month old dreads are un-washable. Any suggestions on good shamppos to find cheap at whole foods/trader joes, etc. until i can order a new knotty boy bar? no store around to buy one here.

    thanks! -bee
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